Will Conrad and Cade Break Up in The Resident? Theories

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The fifth season of FOX’s medical series ‘The Resident’ depicts an intriguing phase of Conrad Hawkins’ life. After Nicolette “Nic” Nevin’s death, Conrad tries his best to build a life with someone and he succeeds in the same by being with Kincaid “Cade” Sullivan, a new addition at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. In the fifth season finale, Conrad chooses Cade as his partner, in front of Billie Sutton, who has been nurturing feelings for Conrad.

In the sixth episode of season 6, Conrad and Billie dance together at Kit Voss and Randolph Bell’s wedding ceremony, making Cade worry about her partner’s commitment to their relationship. Intrigued by the love triangle, we have explored the chances of seeing Conrad and Cade parting ways. Let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Conrad Choose Cade?

When Conrad realizes that he should move on from Nic and start building a new life, Cade becomes his choice. The sixth season begins with Conrad and Cade making their relationship stronger while Billie accepts that she cannot share her life with Conrad for now. However, the dynamics of Conrad’s relationships with Cade and Billie respectively change when he dances with the neurosurgeon at Kit and Bell’s wedding ceremony. He even admits to Billie that he woke up the next day feeling confused about his feelings for her. Conrad is realizing that maybe his feelings for Billie aren’t what he thought they were.

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Complicating the predicament, Cade comes to know about Conrad and Billie’s dance. She sees a photograph of the same and gets startled to see her partner sharing an endearing moment with his “friend.” Although Conrad reassures Cade that Billie is just a friend and someone who shares a sense of loss with him, Cade seemingly isn’t entirely convinced about Billie’s place in her partner’s life. If Conrad opens up about his aforementioned “confusion” to Cade, their relationship may not survive the same. Thus, Conrad and Cade’s togetherness depends upon the former’s way of handling his confusion.

Cade has changed her entire way of life to be with Conrad. She puts an end to her adventurous way of pursuing her career and settles in Atlanta only to be with Conrad. She cannot be blamed for expecting his unchallenged commitment to their relationship after everything she has done and sacrificed for their togetherness. If Conrad reveals to her that he isn’t sure about his feelings for Billie, Cade may not only break up with him but also leave Chastain and Atlanta.

As far as co-creator Amy Holden Jones is concerned, Conrad and Cade may have a troubled period ahead of them. “To say that that relationship with Cade will have challenges, it’s not going to be perfect. None of them are,” she told ET Online. “He [Conrad] actually has two beautiful alternatives here. It’s not clear that he picked Cade over Billie on an even playing field. He may well indeed have believed that she was not interested in him because of her friendship with Nic. So, where does that go?” Jones added.

Image Credit: Tom Griscom/FOX

Jones’ words indicate that Conrad’s decision to share his life with Cade may not be the ultimate one. Since Billie’s feelings for him are getting more explicit, Conrad may reconsider sharing his life with Cade and the more he reconsiders the same, the more Cade may want to separate from him. Billie’s relationship with Gigi, Conrad’s daughter, may even influence him to choose Billie over Cade, who hasn’t been able to connect with the little girl as Billie does.

If Conrad starts to think that the sense of loss he shares with Billie makes her a perfect companion, especially considering that he hasn’t separated himself from his past and Nic, his relationship with Cade may not last long. If Conrad wants to build a new phase of his life, without the presence of Nic, we can expect him to fight his confusion and remain with Cade instead of choosing to be with the best friend of his dead wife.

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