Will Laura and Mark End Up Together in The Rookie Feds? Theories

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Special Agent Laura Stensen is one of the most influential members of Matthew “Matt” Garza’s Special Investigative Unit in ABC’s police procedural series ‘The Rookie: Feds.’ Although Laura originally belonged to the Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI, Garza succeeds in gaining her in his unit since he knows how valuable an asset she is. The twelfth episode of the series follows a reunion between Laura and her former colleague Mark Atlas as they discuss a case they solved together for a documentary production. Since their relationship is getting complicated day after day, the viewers must be wondering whether they will ever end up together. Well, here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Laura Stensen and Mark Atlas End Up Together?

Laura Stensen and Mark Atlas formed a bond while they worked together at the Behavioral Science Unit. As two highly competitive and ambitious agents, Laura and Mark have tried to steal the thunder of the other to establish themselves as the superior agent. Laura eventually left the BSU in Washington to join Garza’s Unit in Los Angeles, separating from Mark. They reunite when Mark arrives in the City of Angels to collaborate with the Los Angeles office in the fourth episode of the series. Mark confesses his feelings for Laura to Brendon Acres, who motivates him to express the same to Laura. While their investigation progresses, Laura and Mark have sex, which marks the beginning of their casual relationship.

As far as Laura is concerned, her togetherness with Mark is unconditionally casual. She doesn’t want to get into a committed relationship right after completely moving on from her ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her with her best friend. Her previous relationship has severely affected her personal and professional lives and she is not in a position to deal with more intricacies of a romantic relationship for now. Thus, she makes sure that the foundation of her companionship with Mark is sexual and not love. In Mark, Laura is expecting a sexual partner without the burden of a commitment.

However, Mark has been yearning “more” for a while. In the twelfth episode of the series, he tells Laura that he wants more than a casual relationship while the latter asks him out for an intimate night. First of all, Laura and Mark getting into a committed relationship isn’t an impossibility. Laura has known Mark enough to trust him and consider a future with him. In other words, she may have done the same if she wasn’t traumatized by the actions of her ex-boyfriend. The tragic end to her previous relationship is expected to come between any chances Laura and Mark have to end up together.

Since Mark works in Washington, over two thousand five hundred miles away from Laura, the latter may not encourage the notion of a committed relationship even if she is open to it. After getting cheated on once, she may not prefer her partner being considerably away, which most likely will stop her from getting committed to Mark. Since she doesn’t have any plans to leave Garza’s squad, it is unlikely that Laura will move to Washington for the sake of her and Mark’s potential committed relationship. Laura seems more than satisfied with their current arrangement and as long as she doesn’t indicate the need for “more,” Mark likely is destined to be disappointed.

If Laura takes a firm stance that her relationship with Mark will remain casual, the latter may even put an end to the same to avoid disappointment and hurt. If Mark cannot live with Laura, he may need to get transferred to the Los Angeles station, which will be extremely tough since the place already has a profiler. But if Mark manages to end up in Los Angeles for the sake of being with Laura, the latter may realize how committed he is to her, which may lead her to consider ending up together with him.

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