Will Mariana (Aitana) Die in Holy Family?

Netflix’s thriller series ‘Holy Family’ revolves around Julia, who witnessed her son Santi’s unsuccessful efforts to become a father. When she came to know that Santi’s wife Natalia could not give birth to a child without threatening her own life, Julia offered to become the surrogate mother of Santi and Natalia’s child, and she gave birth to Nico. When Santi unexpectedly died, Natalia decided to move to Argentina with Nico, only for Julia to abduct the baby from her with the help of her daughter Mariana and son Eduardo.

Julia, Mariana, Eduardo, and Nico started a new chapter of their lives in Madrid upon assuming the false identities of Gloria, Aitana, Abel, and Hugo respectively. Julia’s plan to be with Nico even as Gloria paves the way for life-threatening consequences. Since the first season of the Spanish series ends with one such consequence, we have taken a detailed look at the same. Let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Mariana (Aitana) Might Survive Her Injuries

When Natalia arrives in Madrid looking for Mariana, the latter has already realized the gravity of her mother Julia’s unhealthy obsession with Nico. After losing Marcos, she is able to realize the sadness of Natalie, who has lost her son. Mariana starts to think that she and Eduardo are sacrificing their own lives only for Julia to replace Santi with Nico. She understands that Natalia doesn’t deserve to lose her life to despair of losing her son only because Julia cannot move on from her son Santi’s death. Thus, she decides to help Natalia and takes Nico to his real mother, infuriating Julia.

To stop Mariana from handing over Nico to Natalia, Julia stabs her own daughter and takes the baby from her. As Eduardo leads them to their van and drives off, Mariana is struggling with her stab wound. However, the chances of Mariana dying due to the same are low. First of all, Julia stabs her after telling her how much she hates to hurt her. The mother stabs her with a clear understanding of what she is doing. Thus, the wound must be a minimal or treatable one.

Julia doesn’t stab Mariana to kill her. She intends to physically make her daughter vulnerable so that she can take Nico from the latter. For the same, Julia must have made a non-fatal stab rather than a life-threatening one. Having said that, Mariana doesn’t get any medical attention after sustaining a stab wound, which may complicate her condition. Since Eduardo prioritizes fleeing from the community, he is immersed in finding a way out of the region rather than doing what Mariana needs.

When his senses return to her, Eduardo is expected to make a stop at a hospital to make sure that Mariana’s life isn’t threatened. Since there isn’t any alarming blood loss as of now, she may stay alive if she receives medical care as soon as possible. If she manages to complete her recovery, she may not want to continue her life with someone who butchered her boyfriend and nearly killed her. If the second season of the show materializes, we may see Mariana leading her own life away from Julia and her obsession with Nico.

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