Will Mindy and Benoît Get Back Together in Emily in Paris? Theories

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The second season of Netflix’s romantic seriesEmily in Paris’ depicts the union of Mindy Chen and Benoît, who forms a band with Étienne. Mindy and Benoît nurture a cherished relationship, fuelled by the song the latter writes for the former. When Mindy gets an opportunity to perform at a jazz club without the band, Benoît supports her without bothering about the exclusion of the rest of the band. However, their appealing relationship gets threatened due to the presence of Nicolas de Leon, Mindy’s former schoolmate and childhood crush. Still, the third season of the show ends with a startling development concerning Mindy and Benoît’s lives, which intrigued us to find out whether they will ever get back together. Well, here are our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Mindy Find Her Harmony with Benoit?

When Mindy gets an opportunity to sing at a jazz club, she fears that her place in the band and her relationship with Benoît get threatened. Her fears prove to be wrong when Benoît helps her perform at the place. His actions also make their relationship stronger. Meanwhile, Mindy encounters Nicolas, her old schoolmate and former crush. Nicolas starts to have feelings for Mindy and doesn’t refrain from expressing the same. He sends flowers to the jazz club where she sings for her, infuriating Benoît, who storms out of the place, breaking up with her without a word.

Image Credit: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

After Benoît breaks up with Mindy, she forms a relationship with Nicolas. It doesn’t take long for Mindy to get introduced to his parents, family members, and other business acquaintances. Although Nicolas doesn’t get along with Mindy’s best friend Emily, Mindy succeeds in dealing with the same without hurting her relationship with Nicolas and her friendship with Emily. While Mindy and Nicolas somehow manage to make progress with their relationship, Benoît resurfaces in the life of the former. He tells her that the song he has written for her got selected for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Benoît’s return to Mindy’s life is expected to threaten the togetherness of Mindy and Nicolas. Mindy and Benoît do cherish an almost perfect relationship. He motivates her to cling to her passion and sing without fear. Mindy reinvents herself after meeting Benoît and his influence is evident in the way she lives even after their separation. As a musician, Benoît succeeds in appealing to Mindy’s passion in a way Nicolas can’t. As he resurfaces in her life, she may reconsider being the girlfriend of a businessman to get back together with the musician who can understand her and her aspirations better than the former.

Image Credit: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix

In addition, Mindy would want to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest along with Benoît. The contest gives Mindy an opportunity to prove herself as a talented singer and overcome the traumatic experience of getting embarrassed on Chinese television. Since Mindy and Benoît are expected to team up together for the contest in the fourth season of the show, the experience may bring them closer again, possibly paving the way for their reunion. Mindy may realize that her togetherness with Nicolas is nothing but a rebound and the realization may lead her to reconcile with the musician.

As a partner, Nicolas doesn’t offer much to Mindy. All he is able to do is let her use the opulent resources he possesses as one of the heads of JVMA. Other than the same, Mindy does spend a big part of their time together attending various formal and informal events with him. She may soon realize the hollowness of such a relationship and reunite with Benoît.

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