Will Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer End Up Together In Bachelor in Paradise?

Contestants on ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ are not always lucky in finding a happily ever after. That is where ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ comes into the picture. Its premise of featuring contestants who have participated in previous seasons of the ‘Bachelor’ franchise gives them a second and sometimes even third chance at finding love. Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer are both a part of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season 7. With speculations about them getting together during the season spinning at an all-time high, let’s find out if they do end up together, shall we?

Noah and Abigail’s Bachelor in Paradise Journey

Abigail Heringer, 26, is from ‘The Bachelor’ season 25, where she tried to pursue a relationship with Matt James. She became quite popular during her appearance on the show and even earned the first impression rose. It was revealed that Abigail is deaf and has lived with congenital hearing loss since her birth. She also wears a cochlear implant. This revelation turned her into a fan-favorite contestant, and she was able to survive on the show for quite a few weeks. Ultimately, she was eliminated in week 7.

On the other hand, Noah appeared midway in ‘The Bachelorette’ season 16 and tried to find a way to Tayshia Adams’ heart. However, his journey on the show was relatively short-lived as he had an altercation with several other contestants. Noah was also unlucky when it came to love as he got sent back home in week 9. With both Abigail and Noah being in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season 7, it looks as if they developed an intense connection on the show and became quite close. The two seemed happy whenever they appeared together. So, does this mean they will end up together?

Will Noah and Abigail End Up Together?

With Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer looking comfortable and happy with each other, there are numerous speculations around them getting together. Moreover, Abigail’s decision of selecting Noah after being granted the opportunity to pick her first date and their steamy makeout session added fuel to the romantic fire. Noah even told Abigail, “I feel like you have a heart of gold, and the fact that everyone was clapping for you when we went on this date speaks to you. I don’t think that you hear that enough, and I think you deserve it.”

Moreover, a popular source for Bachelor Nation spoilers, Reality Steve, claimed that Noah and Abigail would get quite close and even couple up during their time on the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season 7. However, he added that their relationship won’t last long, and Abigail and Noah will split up before the Fantasy Suites events, making them leave the show single. However, one must take these speculations with a grain of salt as they are unconfirmed.

There have been unconfirmed reports about the duo getting back together after the show as they were noticed to still keep in touch via social media. However, their respective social media accounts do not provide any other hints about their dating life as they are pretty private. There are also no reports about whether they began dating post-filming. Interestingly, Abigail appeared on ‘Bachelor Happy Hour’ in mid-August 2021 and spoke at length about her why she chose to pick Noah for a one-on-one date.

“I feel like you just know if you’re attracted to somebody,” Abigail said. “I know first impressions aren’t everything, but I definitely had a strong attraction towards him after our conversation.” Additionally, Reality Steve even said that although he does not know the duo’s present status, they are most likely not engaged. Taking everything into account, although it is highly unclear if Abigail and Noah did end up together on ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ we can bank on the fact that they are still on good terms.

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