Will P-Valley’s Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda Get Back Together? Theories

Uncle Clifford and LaMarques AKA Lil Murda’s intricate-yet-endearing relationship is an integral part of Starz’s drama series ‘P-Valley.’ The first season of the show ends with their tragic separation as Lil Murda chooses to prioritize his career over Clifford. Hurt, she lets him know that they cannot be together on his terms. In the second season, Lil Murda struggles hard to manage his affection for his ex-partner. Clifford also seemingly fails to move on from the rapper and start a new chapter of her life. Naturally, the viewers may want to know whether there is any possibility of their reunion. Let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda Get Back Together?

Uncle Clifford and Lil Murda meet for the first time when the latter spends a night with his friends enjoying the “Mercedes experience” at The Pynk. What starts as a casual encounter quickly becomes more and the two of them start to nurture affection for one another. However, they get confused about how to come out as a couple. Lil Murda lets Clifford know that they should try to reveal themselves to the world but he fails to do that when he gets an opportunity. When Rome visits him at the strip club to talk about business, Lil Murda gets forced to hide that he and Clifford are together, hurting the latter severely.

Lil Murda’s attempt to hide Clifford leads to their breakup. Still, they love each other. After the separation, Lil Murda apologizes to Clifford and tries his best to get back together with her. But the pain he has inflicted on Clifford stops her from reuniting with the rapper. Clifford has not stopped loving Lil Murda. She is just scared of getting hurt again, especially since her ex-partner becomes a renowned rapper. She doesn’t want to be someone he will be forced to keep a secret because she and their relationship do not align with his public image.

Even though Clifford and Lil Murda still have feelings for each other, their potential reunion will likely depend upon the latter’s readiness to accept the former as his partner in front of the world. Clifford may not want to stay hidden in Lil Murda’s life anymore and her insistence concerning the same may determine the future of their relationship. Although Lil Murda badly wants to be with Clifford, he may not be able to not care about his emerging career and popularity. Until Lil Murda becomes courageous enough to hold Clifford’s hands as her partner in front of the whole world, admirers of their relationship may have to stay disappointed.

Katori Hall, the creator of the show, also made it clear that Lil Murda has to work hard to get back together with Clifford. “I remember when we were in the writers’ room, we were like, ‘How can Lil’ Murda regain Uncle Clifford’s trust?’ And we were like, ‘Nothing. He just needs to grow up. He needs to go on his own journey and grow up so he can realize how important a person like Uncle Clifford is,’” Hall told EW. “He [Lil Murda] ain’t going to regain Uncle Clifford’s trust that easy. She’s hard!” the creator added.

Considering the hostile queerphobia around Lil Murda, it can be hard for him to reveal his affection for Clifford to the world. Still, Lil Murda may succeed in prioritizing his love for Clifford without getting bothered about the prejudicial and queerphobic perceptions of the people around him. If he manages to do that, we may see them getting back together.

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