Will Park and Morgan Get Back Together in The Good Doctor? Theories

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The sixth season premiere of ABC’s medical seriesThe Good Doctor’ follows an eventful day in San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Nurse Villanueva’s ex-boyfriend Owen takes Dr. Morgan Reznick hostage to avoid getting captured by the authorities. While trying her best to not get killed, Morgan’s thoughts revolve around her partner Dr. Alex Park, paving the way for her decision to not leave for New York to join another hospital. However, Park believes that Morgan’s priority will always be her ambition, raising doubts concerning his place in her life. Park then breaks up with her due to the same. Ever since their break-up, admirers of “Parknick” have been longing to see their reunion. But will it happen? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Park and Morgan Get Back Together?

When Morgan initially accepts a new job in New York, without even enquiring about the same to Park, the latter starts to believe that their relationship doesn’t hold enough importance in Morgan’s life. Park doesn’t want Morgan’s ambition to take precedence over their companionship, which leads him to their eventual separation. Even then, Park hasn’t yet moved on from Morgan. In the fourth episode of the sixth season, we get to see Park staring at his phone when he sees Morgan’s profile on a dating app, indicating that his relationship with her hasn’t become a story of his past yet.

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Park seemingly still nurtures feelings for Morgan. His dates with others can even be seen as his way of escaping from the pain caused by his separation from his fellow doctor. Similarly, Morgan must also be having feelings for Park. When her life gets threatened, all Morgan can think of is finding solace in Park. Her ambitions and professional aspirations take a backseat, making her prioritize her relationship with him. Although Morgan realizes the depth of her feelings for Park late enough to save their relationship, the same feelings most likely haven’t died yet. Considering the same, their reunion is indeed a possibility.

However, Morgan and Park need to be considerate of each other for them to get back together. Morgan needs to realize that she should have talked to Park first before deciding to move from San Jose to New York. Since her move would have also changed Park’s life drastically, a word with him before accepting the offer may have helped her. As far as Park is concerned, he may need to realize how much her ambitions mean to Morgan rather than believing their relationship doesn’t mean anything to her. Morgan had to overcome several challenges and be ruthless with her choices to build her career. Understandably, such a person can’t be blamed for prioritizing her career at times.

Image Credit: Jeff Weddell/ABC

If Park and Morgan admit their mistake and apologize to one another, there is nothing between them that can stop them from getting back together. The moment the two of them forsake their egotistical beliefs to apologize to the other, we can look forward to their reunion. The sadness Park feels upon seeing Morgan on a dating app can be the first blow that may make him realize the need for stepping up to mend their companionship to share his life with her again. If Park decides to take that step in one of the upcoming episodes of the show, we may see him and Morgan as a couple again.

Morgan’s decision to stay in St. Bonaventure despite her break-up with Park indicates that she may not be ready to disappear from his life. If Park initiates a conversation with her about their actions, Morgan most likely will be more than happy to forget about his hastened decision to break up with her.

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