Will Reynolds and Lyn Stay Together in New Amsterdam?

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In NBC’s medical series ‘New Amsterdam,’ Dr. Floyd Reynolds and Dr. Linda “Lyn” Malvo go through an unusual pathway to build their relationship. Even though they start with a dalliance, Reynolds and Lyn gradually become emotionally attached to each other. They reveal their relationship to Lyn’s husband Baptiste and the three of them form a polyamorous relationship. Reynolds’ attachment to Lyn strengthens when she gets pregnant.

Along with Baptiste, Reynolds decides against a paternity test to determine the father of Lyn’s baby and emphasizes taking care of Lyn and the child. However, his growing involvement in Lyn and Baptiste’s lives raises concerns regarding his place in between them. As the cardiovascular surgeon ponders over his future with Lyn, one must be wondering whether he will stay together with her. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Reynolds and Lyn Stay Together?

Lyn’s pregnancy marks the beginning of a new chapter in Reynolds’ life. When he realizes that he is responsible to take care of Lyn and her baby irrespective of a DNA test result, Reynolds starts to take turns with Baptiste to look after Lyn. As he spends time at Lyn and Baptiste’s house, he encounters their photo albums. The sense of family they share in those photographs leads Reynolds to question his own place in their marriage. He understands that even in their polyamorous relationship, he is fundamentally an outsider.

Image Credits: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

When Reynolds realizes the lack of happiness in Lyn and Baptiste’s household, he sends a pierogi platter and flowers to his girlfriend in the name of her husband. Although he and Baptiste are supposed to be equals in their relationship, Reynolds perceives that he is outside of “the family” of Lyn and Baptiste. This realization may lead him to put an end to his relationship with Lyn. His efforts to heighten Baptiste’s worth in Lyn’s mind indicate that Reynolds may step aside to help them mend their once beautiful marriage.

As far as Reynolds is concerned, there’s nothing he values more than family. As someone who has always considered the interests of his family, Reynolds is aware of the significance and worth of one. He is also aware of how closed the institution of family can be. When he complains about his position in the relationship with Lyn to Bloom, Reynolds is expressing his perception that his position is indeed out of the house and the family Lyn and Baptiste form together.

Since Reynolds encounters the beauty in their family, he may think about helping Baptiste and Lyn to regain the brightness and happiness they once nurtured by leaving their polyamorous relationship. He may continue to take care of Lyn and even become a guardian or father to Lyn’s baby but without trespassing the bounds of the family that comprises the husband and wife.

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Furthermore, Reynolds’ own family may also come in between his relationship with Lyn. Since he has always insisted on finding a partner that aligns with the values and norms of his family, Reynolds may have to think about whether his family will accept Lyn. Considering that Reynolds’ mother is not expected to approve of Lyn and their polyamorous relationship, it may also influence him to separate from her. Even though their relationship’s foundation is threatened by Reynolds’ realization, Lyn will be forever connected to him through possibly his and her baby.

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