Will Teonna Rainwater Die in 1923? Theories

Paramount+’s Western series ‘1923’ explores the rise of Catholicism in the state of Montana through the storyline of Teonna Rainwater, a student at a boarding school run by a catholic priest named Father Renaud. Using his boarding school as a front, Renaud and the nuns who serve him torture and abuse the Native American girls staying and studying at the establishment. After enduring a series of torture episodes, Teonna retaliates against her torturer Sister Mary and abuser Sister Alice. Teonna’s actions end up threatening her life. If you are alarmed about the heart-rending character’s fate, let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Teonna Die?

Ever since joining the Catholic boarding school, Teonna has been enduring unceasing torture and abuse. While Sister Mary tries to teach her discipline by shedding her blood, Sister Alice abuses her by taking advantage of her physical and emotional vulnerability. When the Native American girl hits the rock bottom of her tolerance and patience, she retaliates against the system that hurts her by killing both Mary and Alice, only to run away from the boarding school after committing the murders. In the fifth episode of the series, Father Renaud sends men to find her.

Image Credit: Emerson Miller/Paramount+

While staying at the boarding school, Teonna nearly gets killed due to the torture she has to endure. Now that she is a murderer, Renaud is expected to eliminate the last bit of human consideration left in him to find and possibly kill Teonna. Her actions are sparks that have the potential to ignite a full-fledged rebellion against the Catholics and Renaud will not want her to instigate the same. Thus, finding Teonna and putting an end to her wrath, even if it means killing her, are expected to be the priest’s priorities. Since she has committed crimes, Renaud may take advantage of the “laws” to execute her if he gets a chance.

In the seventh episode of the series, the priests sent by Renaud find Teonna and try to capture her. Hank, who safeguards her upon finding her abandoned in the valley, saves her by killing a priest and severely wounding the other. Although the surviving priest kills Hank, Teonna manages to save herself by killing the clergyman. Since the Christian government is not expected to ignore the deaths of three Catholic priests, we can expect marshals to increase their efforts to capture Teonna to try and convict her, which may lead her to the gallows.

Renaud or every Catholic official for that matter gain authority over the Native Americans by scaring them. The fear is the fuel the priest uses to abduct more girls from the Native American communities to admit to boarding schools. If he manages to put an end to Teonna’s life with the help of the law, other students at the school are expected to fear him immensely, which will extinguish any sparks of rebellion in the minds of the girls to prevent the emergence of another Teonna. Having said that, Teonna’s death isn’t a guarantee, especially since her father Runs His Horse learns about her predicament.

We may see Runs His Horse and Hank’s son Pete Plenty Clouds finding and protecting Teonna. As one of the leading horsemen of his community, Runs His Horse is expected to have a certain authority in his tribe and he most likely will not want to lose her daughter again, this time to death. Thus, we can look forward to the father and daughter’s reunion. Teonna may find safety and security among her community members. As a fellow Native American student warns Renaud, she may even lead a group to the school to conquer the forces of the priest and free the rest of the girls. Although it is a life-threatening move, Teonna may save her life by annihilating her enemies.

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