Who is Hank in 1923? Who Plays Him?

Paramount+’s ‘1923’ tells the story of the Dutton family as they face the socioeconomic challenges of the titular era. The series is a prequel to ‘Yellowstone‘ and expands upon the Dutton family’s history. As viewers know, the family’s history is inadvertently tied to the Broken Rock Reservation and several Native American characters. In the prequel, Teonna Rainwater’s story runs parallel to the Dutton family’s narrative. In the fifth episode, Teonna meets Hank. If you are wondering who Hank is and who plays him, here is everything you need to know about Hank’s role in ‘1923.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who is Hank in 1923?

Hank is introduced in the fifth episode of ‘1923,’ titled ‘Ghost of Zebrina.’ Hank is a member of a Native American tribe who runs into Teonna Rainwater. In the episode, Teonna escapes from the Catholic School for Native American children, where she faces abuse. Therefore, Teonna murdered Sister Mary and Sister Alice before fleeing the school. At night, Teonna takes shelter in a cave but is attacked by a wolf. Therefore, she climbs a rock to survive the night.

In the morning, Teonna wakes up surrounded by a large herd of sheep. The man shepherding the sheep introduces himself to Teonna as Hank. Teonna and Hank are both Native American and form an instant connection. Teonna tells Hank about her tragic experiences at the school. Hank recognizes Teonna as the daughter of the Kills Many clan’s leader. Therefore, Hank decides to help Teonna get to safety. Hank’s introduction implies that he is part of the tribe that holds the land neighboring the Dutton family’s Yellowstone Ranch.

Hank is Played by Michael Greyeyes

In ‘1923,’ Indigenous Canadian actor Michael Greyeyes portrays the part of Hank. Greyeyes was born on June 4, 1967, in Saskatchewan, Canada. Greyeyes is Plains Cree and comes from the Muskeg Lake First Nation, similar to his father. He attended The National Ballet School and graduated in 1984. Greyeyes started his career as a dancer and was an apprentice with The National Ballet of Canada. In the 1990s, Greyeyes transitioned to acting. He made his screen debut in 1993, appearing in TNT’s Western drama TV movie ‘Geronimo.’

Throughout the 90s, Greyeyes appeared in several television shows and films. However, he gained larger recognition for his role as Qaletaqa Walker in the third season of ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ The actor is also credited as a main cast member for the short-lied vampire drama ‘V Wars‘ and the drama series ‘I Know This Much Is True.’ His other credits include shows such as ‘Star Trek: Discovery,’ ‘American Gods,’ and ‘Rutherford Falls.’

Some viewers might recognize the actor as John Rainbird in the 2022 adaptation of Stephen King’s novel ‘Firestarter’ starring Zac Efron. Apart from acting, Greyeyes also works as an associate professor of theatre at York University. Greyeyes is likely to have a recurring role in the first season of ‘1923,’ so viewers should expect to see more of the actor in the remaining episodes of the debut season.

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