Will Todd and Lea End Up Together in So Help Me Todd? Theories

In more ways than one, ‘So Help Me Todd’ is bound to remind you of ‘Psych,’ the delightfully quirky mystery drama about a man with exceptional deductive skills pretending to be a psychic. While Todd (Skylar Astin) might not pretend to be a psychic, he is very much a man-child like Shawn Spencer. As the first season progresses, the narrative around the main characters is gradually being built. In episode 6, a potential lover for Todd is introduced. Lea Luna (Vella Lovell) is a friend of Todd’s sister, Allison. If you are wondering whether Todd and Lea will end together, here is what we think. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Todd and Lea Saga: Will Sparks Fly or Fizzle Out?

It is not entirely clear whether Lovell will appear in more episodes of the show. She should, of course; she has amazing chemistry with Astin. Episode 6 is the Halloween Week. Todd walks into the office to discover that his mother is giving an interview to Lea, who has a very successful crime podcast. Immediately, Todd is interested. Lea is ridiculously smart and has extraordinary deductive skills and an unorthodox sense of humor. As she is Allison’s friend, she has heard about Todd’s antics and clearly reciprocates the interest.

In this episode, Margaret tries to get one of her clients, who she believes was erroneously convicted, out of jail. Antonia Suarez has been in prison for 13 years for a murder that Margaret believes she didn’t commit. As Margaret once more goes over the case, Todd and Lea join her, and sparks start to fly.

Todd and Lea have several things in common, and as the episode progresses, we learn more about them. At one point, they are trapped together in the basement of the building where the murder victim used to live. They soon realize that someone has locked them in and turned up the heat, intending to kill them. As they struggle to get out of the place, a bond forms between the two.

Eventually, it is discovered that the victim was killed by one of her neighbors, who also stole her literary work. As the episode ends, Todd asks Lea out. She accepts but tells him that they have to postpone it until she returns from Portland, Maine.

As things stand now in the series, it seems that the writers have plans to make Todd and Susan (Inga Schlingmann) the endgame. Susan has appeared in almost all the episodes. In episode 6, she encourages Todd to romantically pursue Lea, advising him not to repeat the mistakes he made with her. As a character, Susan is tragically underdeveloped. One can only hope this improves soon enough because otherwise, fans will continue to lose their interest in her. The show also needs to explore Susan and Todd’s past. Clearly, she broke up with him and is now engaged to another man. It is also clear that some feelings still linger in the shape of mutual longing.

If Lea does become a regular character in the series, she can be the endgame instead of Susan. After all, we are only six episodes into the first seasons. But even if she doesn’t, she and Todd still can have a relationship that will leave an impact on him.

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