Will Zoa Leave Eden in Welcome to Eden? Theories

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Although ‘Welcome to Eden’ has several main characters, Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi) is likely meant to serve as the audience surrogate. At the start of the series, she lives in Barcelona with her sister Gabi. With her estranged mother being an addict and her father being gone for work most of the time, the responsibility of raising Gabi has fallen on Zoa’s young shoulders. To escape from the stress, even if temporarily, Zoa accepts the invitation to attend the Blue Eden energy drink launch party, set to be held on a remote but beautiful island. She takes her best friend Judith with her, even though the invite was just for her. The first night on the island is as wild as it was promised, but things soon take a darker turn when Zoa and other newcomers realize that they are stuck on the island with a dangerous cult that will either recruit or kill them. If you are wondering whether Zoa will ever leave the island, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Zoa Leave Eden?

Initially, Zoa, along with almost all other newcomers, is completely enamored by Eden, the community that resides on the island. Only Aldo is suspicious of their hosts and is later killed while trying to leave Eden. Fortunately, for Zoa and the rest, they also eventually catch on to the malicious intent of Astrid, the leader of the community. Like any other cult leader, Astrid wants to expand her reach. With their dysfunctional family backgrounds, Zoa and the rest of the newcomers perfectly fit the type of recruits they are looking for. In the next few weeks, they are manipulated into hating their own family members and believing that Eden is all that they will ever need.

It’s her sense of responsibility toward Gabi that ultimately saves Zoa. However, in the season finale, just as she is about to leave Eden, she spots Gabi among the newest group of directionless young people that have arrived on the island. Although the first season of ‘Welcome to Eden’ ends right there, it’s safe to assume that Zoa will not leave Eden, at least not for now. Gabi has figured out that her sister is on the island and has come to take her back. She has absolutely no idea the danger she is walking into. More importantly, she doesn’t know that if she had just waited for a while longer, she would have most likely reunited with her sister.

Image Credit: Lucia Faraig/Netflix ​

For now, it seems that Zoa is stuck on the island. She has to protect her sister, who got recruited under the false name Molly, and ensure that Astrid and her lackeys don’t find out the truth while trying to come up with another way of escaping the island. Things will now become more complicated following Ulises’ death. After the attack on her and Erick, Astrid correctly believes that someone is targeting her. Now, she can become even more dangerous as she attempts to find the traitors.

Zoa needs to be much more careful from now on, or her naivety will get both her and her sister killed. One can hope that when she does leave Eden for good, Bel is with her. After the harrowing ordeal they have faced, both women deserve happiness.

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