Are Willie and Korie Robertson from Duck Dynasty Still Together?

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When ‘Duck Dynasty’ was first conceptualized, it was supposed to be more of a behind-the-scenes show at Duck Commander, the multi-million-dollar company that Phil Robertson started and operated with his family. It soon became a touching reality show, with viewers forming long-lasting bonds with their favorite family members whose humor and daily routines filled them with faith. The show, which wrapped up in 2017 after running for 11 seasons, was cherished for its authenticity and the kind of family relationship it portrayed.

Funnily, it was Korie Robertson, the wife of Phil’s son Willie, who felt that the show could be much more than a way to discuss the operations of how they make duck calls. She felt the entire family was weird enough that viewers would love to watch them. This thought turned into action, giving us Willie and Korie as the adorable couple in the series with their many children and mutual love for religion and keeping their faith strong. Many years after the family disappeared from our screens, their fans must be wondering if there’s still love between them.

Willie and Korie Robertson’s Duck Dynasty Journey

Willie and Korie have been each other’s first and only loves since they met before even hitting their teens at a summer camp, where Willie asked to hold her hand. They’ve been inseparable ever since, as they joined the same Christian youth group after that, got married right out of high school, and later went to college together at Harding University. They had their eldest son, John Luke, in 1995, who was a regular on the series. After him, Will and Korie had two more biological children and three adopted ones.

While Sadie and Bella were seen quite a bit on the show, their adopted children didn’t share too much screen time. The couple adopted Will Jr. first, and Rebecca became their foster daughter since she came to them through an exchange program. The newest addition to the family, Rowdy, was adopted in 2016 when the series was still airing. During their time on the show, Willie and Korie authored many books and seemed to be the rock of the entire family. For Korie, spending time with Willie’s family all these years was itself an adventure since she came from a very quiet household as opposed to Willie’s house, where the brothers were reportedly always fighting. But it wasn’t a very smooth road for the couple all along.

In 2013, after his father, Phil, was suspended from the show briefly for his comments about homosexuality, the responsibility fell on Willie and Korie to clarify the issue. There was also another family divide when Willie decided to be a vocal Donald Trump supporter, which was met with some unrest and tensions within the family. The couple also admitted much later about how uncomfortable they felt when their biracial son, Will Jr., received racist comments when the show first aired. Korie claims to have not thought about race as an issue till those comments became brutal.

Willie and Korie Robertson are Still Going Strong After 30 Years of Marriage

Even now, Willie and Corie are inseparable and are often referred to as the “power couple” for running the show together. They have been married for over 30 years now and even have grandchildren. When the show ended, the family needed that break to start something of their own, and the couple dived right into it. Willie is currently the CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander, an extension of their duck-calling business, while Korie has served as the Office Manager of Duck Commander since 2012. They have also recently worked as producers on ‘The Blind,’ which tells the story of Willie’s parents, Phil and Kay, when they were young and struggling.

Willie discussed how, after wrapping up ‘Duck Dynasty,’ they wanted to tell a different story, and they ended up picking one from their family again to give a backstory to the viewers about where they come from. In 2023, they also produced a musical together about Jesus, which is called ‘His Story The Musical.’ In 2021, after the success of ‘Duck Dynasty,’ the couple knew their dinner table conversations had some hold on the viewers, which is why they started a talk show called ‘At Home with the Robertsons,’ where they invited celebrities and people from their own family to discuss important issues from their Louisiana home.

The show ran for one season with 16 episodes, where Willie and Korie discussed many details about their time filming ‘Duck Dynasty’ as well. Some of these issues included the kind of hurtful comments their children got for their race or getting married at a young age and how important it is to address all of these issues so they don’t get buried. More recently, Korie and Willie have done a lot of interviews to promote ‘The Blind’ and their other projects, but they also understand the importance of having fun. They enjoy spending time with their huge family, taking trips, keeping up their faith, and just appreciating every blessing in their lives.

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