Wolf Pack Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

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In ‘Wolf Pack,’ series creator Jeff Davis seeks to follow a more traditional version of werewolf stories as opposed to ‘Teen Wolf,’ where he took considerable creative liberty. In episode 3, titled ‘Origin Point,’ Blake Navarro (Bella Shepard), Everett Lang (Armani Jackson), Luna Briggs (Chloe Rose Robertson), and Harlan Briggs (Tyler Lawrence Gray) are taken to the local police station where LAFD officer Kristin Ramsey (Sarah Michelle Gellar) questions them about the fire until Garrett Briggs (Rodrigo Santoro) arrives and intervenes, taking all four teenagers to his home. Under the full moon, the teenagers feel that things are different about them. Soon enough, the werewolf comes knocking. Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘Wolf Pack’ episode 3. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Wolf Pack Episode 3 Recap

At the start of the episode, the focus is not on the four protagonists but on four other teenagers: Austin, Tia, Cyrus, and Phoebe. They climb up a dilapidated tower to get a glimpse of the spreading inferno. Phoebe, who used to be a close friend of Blake, believes that the other girl is responsible, though her three friends voice their skepticism. Unbeknownst to any of them, they are being stalked by the werewolf. Fortunately, the local police arrive and take them to the station, where Phoebe tells the authorities that Blake caused the fire.

Meanwhile, as the four protagonists are taken to the station, they try to talk among themselves, and Everett tells Luna and Harlan about Connor. However, they are soon interrupted by LAPD officer Jason Jang (Lanny Joon), who instructs them to stay silent. Once at the station, Everett spots Austin and tries to speak to him about what he saw, but Austin seems evasive, and he quickly leaves.

The four teenagers are soon separated, and Everett is questioned first. Ramsey has noticed that Everett struggles with anxiety issues. She speaks about her own struggles with it to forge a connection with him. Unfortunately for the authorities, Everett and the others discover they can hear each other despite being inside separate soundproof rooms. They can also hear what other people say in the vicinity of one of them. Harlan tries to instruct Everett what to say until an officer named Trent Miller walks into the room where Harlan is kept and tries to intimidate him. But then Garrett arrives, and Luna secretly tells him about Everett and Blake, prompting him to take those teenagers home as well.

On their way, Everett speaks about what happened to him and Luna and the disappearance of Connor. It seems that whatever power they gained in the interrogation room is now gone. Garrett takes his adoptive children aside and questions them. Elsewhere, after someone or something slashes Phoebe’s car tires, Garrett leaves the four protagonists at home and goes to investigate. Miller takes this opportunity and knocks at the Briggs’ door, convincing Harlan to open it. When he does so, Miller attacks the boy. As Luna contacts Garrett, the werewolf appears. It tortures Miller as he did on Harlan before Miller’s head explodes.

Wolf Pack Episode 3 Ending: Why Does Garett Have Silver Bullets?

In the werewolf lore, silver is fatal to werewolves, so it makes sense that Garrett has silver bullets. Although he brought Luna and Harlan up, a part of him was probably worried that they would turn back to werewolves and go on a rampage, forcing him to make a decision that he would regret for the rest of his life. The day he has always dreaded has finally come. The twins’ biological father has awakened and turned two ordinary teenagers into werewolves, making them part of Luna and Harlan’s pack.

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Garrett’s children had no idea about the gun and the silver bullets he hid in the stable. However, when the werewolf appears, Garrett is forced to tell his children about it over the phone, as he rushes back as fast as he can. Harlan uses the gun to chase away the werewolf, and all four of them wait for Garrett’s arrival and explanation about why he has the very things that can kill werewolves. While the episode ends before Garrett can answer, it’s quite evident that he prepared for the worse. He also rightly knew that the twins’ biological father might show up one day, so he was prepared.

Why Doesn’t the Werewolf Harm Everett?

It becomes apparent that the werewolf doesn’t necessarily want to harm the four teenagers. If anything, it protects Harlan from Miller. Given the cold relationship that Blake and Phoebe now share, we can speculate that the latter was attacked because of it. The four protagonists are effectively part of its pack, and it can sense their fear, anger, love, and frustration and likely responds to them. When Blake speaks to Phoebe at the station, her former friend lets her know that she told the authorities that Blake is responsible. The werewolf likely slashes the tires of Phoebe’s car because of it. Similarly, it senses that Harlan is in danger and attacks Miler.

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Although Garrett cautions his children about trusting Everett and Blake too much, as certain things are inherently unique about them, it seems that the destinies of these four are interconnected. Everett’s survival during his encounter with the werewolf makes one thing clear: there is a legitimate possibility that Connor is still alive and somewhere out there. If the werewolf considers the four teenagers part of his pack, the same thing applies to Connor. However, the unique bitemark in his body remains a source of mystery. Perhaps, there was more than one werewolf on the highway that fateful day.

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