Wolf Pack Episode 2 Recap: Two Bitten, Two Born

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With the Paramount+ show ‘Wolf Pack,’ series creator Jeff Davis, who also developed ‘Teen Wolf,’ intends to return to the traditional roots of the werewolf mythos, navigating away from the creative liberties he took with the second show. If the first episode introduces all the important characters, episode 2 establishes the dynamic between them — both developing or already in place.

Titled ‘Two Bitten, Two Born,’ the second episode revolves around how Everett Lang (Armani Jackson) and Blake Navarro (Bella Shepard) react to the fact that they are werewolves and how Luna Briggs (Chloe Rose Robertson) and Harlan Briggs (Tyler Lawrence Gray) respond to the reality that there are two more like them. Meanwhile, Kristin Ramsey (Sarah Michelle Gellar) of the LAFD continues her investigation, and Park ranger Garrett Briggs (Rodrigo Santoro) desperately searches for a way to get back to his children. Here is what you may want to know about the ending of ‘Wolf Pack’ episode 2. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Wolf Pack Episode 2 Recap

‘Wolf Pack’ is based on the namesake novel by Canadian author Edo van Belkom. In that book, all four main characters were born werewolves, and that sense of unity has existed since the beginning. That is not the case in the show, where Luna and Harlan have been werewolves since birth, while Blake and Everett turn after being bitten. As a result, the four of them are not a pack yet, and a sense of unity doesn’t exist. As the pilot episode ends, all four protagonists hear the howling of a wolf and end up arriving at the same place.

At the start of episode 2, Blake gets spooked and runs away, claiming that she has to return to her family. The other three chase after her. They eventually run into Park Ranger Prisha (Hollie Bahar), who works with Garrett and is now leading the search for him. Worried that the four teenagers are out while a raging inferno is gradually engulfing the town, she ensures they get back home.

When Everett enters the Lang house, he discovers that his parents are waiting for him. Both Everett and his father are stunned when his mother slaps him. As Everett goes to bed, so does Blake at the motel. They spend over a day sleeping and dreaming about a variety of things, including being intimate with each other. At one point, Blake’s eyes turn yellow like those of a wolf.

Blake doesn’t have a cell phone or any other 21st-century device, so she receives the warning Everett earlier received on the land phone in their motel room. Elsewhere in the town, while Luna wants to help the two newly turned, Harlan rejects the idea, pointing out to his twin that they don’t know Everett and Blake. With the full moon first approaching, Harlan seems to be on edge. He goes to the gym to take his mind off things and relax but has vivid sexual fantasies about another young man there.

Wolf Pack Episode 2 Ending: Is Connor Dead?

It is established that Everett doesn’t have that many friends at school. Among the ones he has, Connor (Sean Philip Glasgow) is most likely the closest. In this episode, Connor comes over to study, and Everett discovers that his friend has also been bitten by an animal. Worried, he asks Connor to show him the bite. Even though Connor is confused about all this, he acquiesces. The bite mark doesn’t have the unsettling appearance that the ones on Everett and Blake had, so the former agrees with Connor that it is likely from a coyote. However, as Everett learns that Connor will go for a check-up later in the day, he implores his friend to let him know what the doctor said about the bite.

While at the hospital, Connor seems to have an adverse effect to the tetanus shot and soon receives that warning phone call telling him to flee. He reaches out to Everett, who is with Blake at the time. They rush to the hospital and split up to find Connor. However, the only thing Everett finds is Connor’s discarded leg cast, which the other boy took off earlier after he was stuck in the fence. The last we see of Connor in this episode is when the werewolf attacks him.

Although it’s possible that Connor is dead, ‘Wolf Pack’ doesn’t seem like a show that would shy from depicting a gruesome death. Moreover, his body would have been there if he were indeed dead. If it’s the same werewolf that bit him and the others, it had the opportunity to kill them at the time, but it didn’t. So, it’s likely that the werewolf has abducted Connor. One of the most interesting things about Connor is how he responds to the bite. Not only is his bite mark different from the others, but the werewolf powers also seem to manifest in him differently. His leg, injured during the stampede, isn’t healed, even though sedatives don’t seem to affect him.

Does Ramsay Believe that Everett, Luna, and Harlan started the fire?

When Everett and Blake arrive at the hospital to look for Connor, Luna and Harlan reach there as Garrett has been found and is being brought to the hospital. Soon after, Ramsay appears with a couple of police officers and tells the twins to come with her. She then finds Everett standing alone and holding Connor’s cast in his hand.

Ramsay correctly observes that Everett seems to have some questions. She may not be the ordinary LAFD official she pretends to be, given that she has taken a particular interest in the four young people who were either born werewolves or have turned after being bitten by one. We don’t yet know what Davis’ plans are with this show. Van Belkom’s novel is relatively straightforward, and Davis has already deviated quite a lot from that. Perhaps, Ramsay came to the town knowing about Luna and Harlan’s identity and what the fire would bring out.

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