Wolf Pack Episode 6 Recap: After Party

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Based on the 2004 namesake book by Edo van Belkom, ‘Wolf Pack’ tells the story of four teenagers connected through a shared destiny. Luna (Chloe Rose Robertson) and Harlan (Tyler Lawrence Gray) were born as werewolves, whereas Everett (Armani Jackson) and Blake (Bella Shepard) turned after they were bitten. As they deal with their new circumstances, a forest fire rages around them, burning everything in its path.

In episode 6, titled ‘After Party,’ as their kickback suddenly turns into a nightmare with the arrival of the werewolf, the Pack tries to keep their friends safe without revealing too much about what is happening. Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘Wolf Pack’ episode 6. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Wolf Pack Episode 6 Recap

The episode begins with the terrified teenagers inside the locked living room of Tia’s house as they try to figure out what is roaming outside. The Pack knows the truth but decides to keep silent, only urging others to stay inside. Everett sees a boy at the back of the crowd. Noticing the telltale signs, Everett deduces that the boy is having an anxiety attack but discovers that he doesn’t even remember his name. Everett is distracted by other matters but soon realizes the other boy is gone.

Austin (Rio Mangini) has seen this creature and knows the danger it poses. He asks Everett to tell the truth, knowing they both saw the monster. Even though he has permission from both Luna and Harlan, Everett ultimately decides not to reveal the truth and claims it was a massive black bear.

Meanwhile, after killing the security guard, Ramsey (Sarah Michelle Gellar) joins Garrett (Rodrigo Santoro) as they try to find Cyrus, the primary suspect in the arson. Ramsey clearly has some connection with the werewolf, which will likely be addressed in the coming episodes.

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When the police arrive at Tia’s home looking for Cyrus, he and Harlan have gone out to look for the missing boy. Suddenly, the werewolf appears out of nowhere. Ramsey and Garrett intervene, and the latter even shoots the creature with a silver bullet. It has the desired effect: the werewolf is injured and seemingly flees from the vicinity.

While speaking to Phoebe (Bailey Stender), Blake explains why she stopped using electronic devices. Her mother was having an affair, and her father suspected it. He asked Blake for her mother’s password, and she reluctantly gave it. Her family came apart after this. As she regarded how much damage a simple mobile phone caused, she decided not to use any electronic device.

Cyrus’ father was a firefighter who perished with several of his colleagues in the forest fire about two decades ago. Cyrus reveals that Malcolm, the only member of his father’s team to have made it out alive, claimed that a wolf attacked them. Realizing the connection, the Pack goes to speak to him.

Wolf Pack Episode 6 Ending: Who is the Werewolf?

Since the first appearance of the werewolf, its identity has been one of the central mysteries of the show. For a long time, the Pack has thought that it is Luna and Harlan’s biological father, and they had some evidence that seemed to point to that. When Garrett shot the werewolf, he only managed to graze its side, but that was enough for it to briefly transform back into a human.

As a stunned Garrett watched, the werewolf became a blonde boy of the twins’ age before reverting to his monstrous form. Everett realizes that this is the same boy he saw at Tia’s home — the one that only he could see. As he thinks about the boy, his name comes to his mind, and it’s Baron (Chase Liefeld).

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Given names are powerful things in the world of ‘Wolf Pack.’ After learning that Garrett has handed Cyrus over to Ramsey, Harlan turns into a growling monster, which triggers transformations in the other Pack member as well, and Garrett has to use his son’s name to calm him and the rest of the Pack down.

Clearly, Baron is part of the Pack; otherwise, he wouldn’t have the connection he has with Everett. Now the question is whether he is the only werewolf roaming the town. The werewolf we see here seems to be young, not the hulking monster we saw in the previous episode. So it’s likely that the werewolf who has killed all those people, including Phoebe in this episode, is not Baron.

How Did Cyrus’ Father Die?

As Malcolm reveals to the Pack, they came across two werewolves on that day about 18 years ago. As the forest fire burned around them, a wolf appeared between them and the escape route. Malcolm and the other firefighters shot at it, but that didn’t work until Cyrus’ father managed to hit the creature between the eyes. When they realized that the creature wasn’t dead yet, they put the animal close to the fire line, hoping it would burn the body.

Instead, the creature underwent a transformation and became a werewolf. It was eventually killed when a massive oak tree fell on it, and the entire ridge collapsed. The wolf’s mate showed up then and killed the rest of the firefighters, as the only thing Malcolm could do was flee.

As Everett later wonders, the mysterious man on the phone is perhaps the arsonist, who not only used the fire to flush out the werewolves but also triggered their transformations. If that’s the case, it’s safe to conclude that Cyrus is telling the truth and didn’t start the fire.

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