Wolf Pack Episode 7 Recap: Lion’s Breath

Based on Edo van Belkom’s namesake novel, the Paramount+ series ‘Wolf Pack’ tells the story of four teenagers, who find out that their destinies are interconnected. In episode 7, titled ‘Lion’s Breath,’ the Pack realizes that the next target is Austin (Rio Mangini) and tries to find Baron (Chase Liefeld) before he kills again. Meanwhile, we are shown glimpses of Kristin Ramsey’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) past, connecting her to the central lore of the series. Here is what you need to know about the ending of ‘Wolf Pack’ episode 7. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Wolf Pack Episode 7 Recap

The episode’s title refers to a real technique that Everett (Armani Jackson) often uses in the show to alleviate stress. It is related to yoga, where it is part of a pose called Simhasana in Sanskrit. In the show, the Pack realizes that if they want to stop Baron from murdering more people without killing him, they will have to calm him down and transform him back into a human.

The episode begins with Everett having visions of Baron. He gradually realizes that he is in Baron’s mind. The other boy appears horrified by the fact that he has killed again. As Everett tries to figure out how to help him, Phoebe, the most recent victim, appears and reveals to Everett that Austin will be killed the next. Everett immediately contacts the other members of the Pack, prompting them to come to his home. This is why Garrett (Rodrigo Santoro) doesn’t find the twins at home when he wakes up. The doorbell rings, and he discovers that Ramsey has come to speak to him.

Meanwhile, having learned about Everett’s vision, it becomes clear to the others they have to catch Baron before he gets to Austin. Although Harlan (Tyler Lawrence Gray) is initially skeptical about Everett’s vision, the others remind him how his anger toward Garrett transmitted to their heads the previous night, and they nearly killed the man. The Pack knows that silver works, as does calling the werewolf by its real name. Now they need to find the specific thing that can work on Baron.

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At the Briggs home, Garrett and Ramsey connect over parenthood and rebellious children. Several miles away, Blake’s brother finds Phoebe’s dead body in the bathtub of their motel. The viewers know the werewolf generally takes its kills to the dilapidated tower. Perhaps leaving Phoebe in Blake’s motel room is an unconscious cry for help. Baron has little control over his actions in the werewolf form, as this is when the beast takes over.

Luna speaks to Austin for the Pack, and he seems to take the news that a murderous werewolf will kill him on that very night quite well. Austin reveals that he knows that Luna has a crush on him and proceeds to ask whether she genuinely likes him. Even though she is surprised by the question, Luna responds by saying she likes him sometimes.

Everett goes through the lore and discovers that it is possible to turn a werewolf back into a human by killing the wolf. For that, they plan to trap Baron in a freezer in his wolf form, and after he passes away because of the cold, they can use epinephrine to revive him. They get the drug from their friendly dealer and give Austin a knife to use as a last resort against the werewolf.

Wolf Pack Episode 7 Ending: Will Baron Die?

When the werewolf arrives and spots Austin, it doesn’t attack him immediately. That changes when Austin kisses Luna. As the Pack members protect Austin from the werewolf, they seem to become more adept at their powers, rapidly shifting back and forth between yellow and normal eyes. They also seem to freely access each other’s powers. Everett calms Baron down by calling him by his name and he and the rest of the Pack use the opportunity to get out of the freezer and shut the door behind them. When they open it again, they find Baron lying on the floor in his human form. As they try to bring him back, they discover that the epinephrine is missing. Austin enters the room, declaring that he has the drug. However, instead of epinephrine, he stabs Baron with the silver-coated knife.

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It’s quite easy to guess why Austin has done this. While the Pack feels a connection to Baron, to Austin, he is a monster that was trying to kill him until a few moments ago. Now, we are yet entirely certain whether silver is indeed fatal to the werewolves in ‘Wolf Pack.’ We know that it triggered Baron’s transformation into his human form after he was shot with it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s fatal. However, to be fair, someone has just rammed a knife into his chest, and that can be quite deadly.

Who is Kristin Ramsey?

In episode 7, it is revealed that Ramsey is a female werewolf, most likely the mother of Harlan, Luna, and Baron. Malcolm, the former firefighter the Pack spoke to, led Everett and the others to believe the female werewolf was killed and the male one killed his colleagues when the truth is the other way around. While grieving for her partner, Ramsey slaughtered the firefighters. Afterward, she lay down on the ground as the rain started falling, snuffing the forest fire out. Although we don’t know exactly what Ramsey did in the intermediate years, it’s probably safe to guess that she joined the LAFD and rose through the ranks to become a detective.

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Now, as another fire has started, Ramsey has returned to the town to find answers. At some point, she must have found Baron’s layer and has been protecting him since then. This is why Ramsey kills the security guard and is tempted to kill Garrett.

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