Y: The Last Man Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

‘Y: The Last Man’ is an intriguing tale that is filled with layers of political conflicts and explores gender identity in a unique manner. However, in the fourth episode, the post-apocalyptic show really hits its stride by solely focusing on the nitty-gritty of survival. The privileged children of the new President of the United States find themselves in uncharted territories and must survive on their own in this ruthless new world order.

In the process, we get to step outside the posh halls of the White House and into the streets, getting a feel of how society is functioning after the plague wiped out nearly every single person with a Y chromosome. If you are curious to learn what happens to Yorick and Hero in the episode, here’s a breakdown and explanation about the events of ‘Y: The Last Man’ episode 4! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Y: The Last Man Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4, titled ‘Karen and Benji,’ opens with Yorick and Agent 355 out in the woods, having ditched their ride a few miles outside Boston to avoid suspicion and set up camp for the night. Elsewhere, Hero and Sam are headed towards Washington D.C and stop at a warm and comfortable house. They find a car in the garage, and Sam insists they hit the road. However, Hero is reluctant to meet her mother and convinces Sam to stay for a night. Later, she rigs the car forcing Sam to remain at the house and delaying her impending arrival in Washington.

In the woods, a couple of women snoop through Agent 355 and Yorick’s stuff. However, Yorick chases them away while protecting his identity with a mask. He and Agent 355 arrive at a local market. Agent 355 tries to buy a bike in exchange for a generator and also offers a grenade to smoothen the deal.

Meanwhile, Yorick is distracted by a woman who resembles Beth. He chases after the woman only to be found by the cops who rule the market. They uncover his mask, and he pretends to be a trans man just as Agent 355 arrives and beats the cops down. Agent 355 and Yorick escape on the bike.

Back in Pennsylvania, Hero and Sam meet Nora and an injured Mackenzie. Hero helps with Mackenzie’s wound and invites her and Nora to stay at the house. Later, a group of women arrives, claiming it to be their house, and kidnap the group. They are taken to an unidentified place where Hero treats a badly injured member of the women’s group. Roxanne, the group’s leader, kills the woman out of mercy. She allows Hero, Sam, Nora, and Mackenzie to stay with them.

Y: The Last Man Episode 4 Ending: Where Is Hero and her Group? Why Does Hero Hide Her real Identity?

Towards the end of the episode, Hero and her group meet the mysterious women who are initially hostile towards them. However, after Roxanne’s intervention, the women are much friendlier to the group and take them inside the facility where they have set up base. As it turns out, this place is a completely stocked general store with plenty of supplies.

Considering that most of the shops and medicine stores Hero and Sam visited on the road were empty, it is surprising and suspicious that such a facility brim-full with supplies exists. It seems like Hero, and her group have stumbled into a safe haven, and they should be well to do for now. The group of women could very well be the show’s iteration of Daughters of the Amazon from the comics.

In the span of just one episode, Hero and Same have gone from loners struggling to survive by themselves to become a part of a larger group of survivors. Hero is clearly of some importance within this larger group due to her background as an EMR, and her medical expertise will come in handy. However, Hero is much more important than that. She is the daughter of the President.

Despite introducing herself as Karen to Nora, the woman is aware of Hero’s true identity due to her time at the White House. Nonetheless, Hero and Nora both agree that the former’s real identity be kept a secret to avoid getting into any trouble. The knowledge of Hero’s status as the President’s daughter could effectively make her a target.

Do Yorick and Agent 355 Find Dr. Mann?

In the previous episode, Yorick and Agent 355 head in the direction of Boston in search of geneticist Doctor Allison Mann. Their intention is to have Yorick tested in hopes of finding out how he and Ampersand survived the plague. However, as of the fourth episode, Agent 355 and Yorick haven’t found Dr. Mann. They are still near Boston and have already faced challenges in keeping Yorick’s identity a secret. Therefore, they must proceed with caution.

The slight detour that the duo takes by going to the market ends up opening Yorick’s eyes about his importance. Agent 355 yells at Yorick for his reckless behavior. She is right as Yorick is only fixated on finding Beth rather than realizing his responsibility towards humanity. Risking Yorick’s life is simply not an option, and the hopes of humanity’s survival lie on his shoulders. After his heated argument with Agent 355, Yorick realizes this, and they continue their search for Dr. Mann.

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