Yolanda and Alexander Goyena: Angel’s Siblings Are Moving Forward in Life Today

The double murder case of Vonda Goyena and Angelique “Angel” Goyena was the main topic of discussion in ABC’s ’20/20: House of Cards’ as those closest to the victims shared their thoughts about their loved ones. The grief that the tragedy brought upon them was evident in the words of Yolanda and Alexander Goyena, Angel’s siblings. From the moment that they learned about what had happened, the two were determined to get justice for their sister. With over 15 years since the incident, people are curious about the current whereabouts of Angel’s siblings. So, let’s explore the same together, shall we?

Where is Yolanda Goyena Now?

Yolanda Goyena Susanne was quite devastated when she learned about the death of her younger sister Angel. “She was humble; she was meek,” she stated. “If you ever felt bad, you called her.” When it was revealed that the man behind the killings was none other than David Hoshaw, Angel’s fiancé, Yolanda could not help but think back about the cracks that had appeared in their relationship.

Image Credit: Yolanda Goyena

“Angelique would tell me, out of the clear blue, that he’d have a look on his face like he was disgusted with her. And that would really bother her,” Yolanda shared on the ABC crime show. She and her family continue to grieve the loss of the two women murdered in their home. “It’s taken me years to get to this place. I just think of them very fondly, my mom’s incredible sense of humor. And Angel, just gosh, Angelique was a gift to our family,” she confessed.

Presently, Yolanda seems to be based in Jacksonville, Florida, having moved from her home city of Norfolk, Virginia. An employee of UF Health Jacksonville, she completed her education at Southern Illinois University Carbondale after graduating from Lake Taylor High School. The woman seems to be doing well in her life and still holds her sister and mother in her heart. Her love for them is truly beautiful, and we wish her the best for the days to come.

Where is Alexander Goyena Now?

As a brother to Angel Goyena, Alexander Goyena was deeply hurt by the tragedy that befell his family. He seems to have fond memories of his sister, whom he has openly appreciated. While talking about Angel, Alexander shared how she was at the top of her class at Lake Taylor High School but would prefer to stay at home instead of venturing too far. When the charges against David Hoshaw were brought up, Alexander hoped the man would be given the death penalty.

However, on October 5, 2010, David pled guilty to two charges of first-degree murder about a week before his trial would take place. As a result, he was sentenced to a life sentence without an opportunity to parole. Although not exactly what he had hoped for, Alexander confessed that he was relieved that the case was concluded. Apparently, he continues to live in his home city of Norfolk, where he grew up alongside his siblings.

Alexander also has a daughter named Stephanie Kera, who was equally distraught about the death of her aunt. While the trial for the same was still in progress, Stephanie shared how happy her aunt had been regarding the wedding that was meant to take place at Breezy Point on the Norfolk Naval Air Station. While talking about the sentence given to David and the fact that he had not been given the death penalty, she stated, “It won’t bring her[Angel] back.”

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