David Hoshaw: Where is Angel Goyena’s Killer Now?

David Hoshaw

The double murder case of the mother and daughter duo of Vonda Goyena and Angelique “Angel” Goyena that took place on June 30, 2007, shook the state of Virginia as there were minimal clues regarding the possible suspects in the case. However, through diligent police work, law enforcement found confirmation that the man behind the killings was none other than Angel’s fiancé, David Hoshaw. The whole case is explored in ABC’s ’20/20: House of Cards’ as the people related to the incident share their thoughts. This has also piqued the curiosity of the public, who are eager to know about David’s current whereabouts.

Who is David Hoshaw?

David Wayne Hoshaw first met Angel through the help of the internet. After six months of conversation, he proposed to her, which the young woman happily accepted. Surprisingly, things between the two soon became difficult, according to Angel’s sister Yolanda, who claimed that he soon grew physically and emotionally from his fiancée. “Angelique would tell me, out of the clear blue, that he’d have a look on his face like he was disgusted with her. And that would really bother her,” the victim’s sister shared. Despite their upcoming nuptials in September 2007, David apparently was not all that involved in the wedding planning process.

David Hoshaw and Angelique Goyena

During the initial investigations of the murder of the two women, David’s alibi seemed airtight as he was, at the time, supposed to be at a Boy Scouts weeklong campout. The location was about 80 miles from the crime scene, and he had been at the event to accompany his 12-year-old son. Despite the seemingly airtight alibi, the people investigating the case had not removed him from their minds as a possible suspect. Even Angel’s family members remained suspicious of him. It certainly did not help that Vonda, who had been alive when found on the crime scene, had told the dispatchers on the phone that “her daughter’s boyfriend” had been the one to attack them.

Soon after Angel’s death, David moved to Michigan and did not even attend the funeral. It was quickly revealed that he had been dating another woman named Amanda and had moved in with her after the murders. According to Rick Malbon, one of the detectives from the case, the relationship between the two was undoubtedly deep, as David was even using her name as a computer password.

However, Amanda did not seem to know that David was dating two women simultaneously. When he moved to Michigan, he claimed that the two had broken up a long time ago, and he was upset about the death of his apparent ex-girlfriend. David also assured Amanda that he had nothing to do with the killings. “He said he was cleared, and he was ready to go start his life, so I believed him,” she shared on the show. Following his move, David proposed to Amanda, and the two became engaged to be married.

Angelique Goyena and Vonda Goyena

Despite the initial assumption of David having an airtight alibi, the investigators felt like he could have committed the murder by leaving the camp in the night and returning early in the morning. This led them to research more about the suspect’s past and his actions after the two women were discovered dead. As it turned out, David had a history of abuse and fraud regarding his previous wives. Additionally, his phone and credit card records indicated that he was near the two post offices that were used to send two letters to the police from an apparent jilted admirer of Angel.

The evidence led to David’s arrest in 2009 from his home in Menominee, Michigan, which he shared with Amanda. “I didn’t even get time to even process anything. I mean, it was just like I was thrown in an alligator pit, and I needed to fight my way out of it, ” she said. The woman played a crucial role in opening the case, given David’s reluctance to talk to the police. While talking to Amanda in a room with just the two of them present, he confessed that he wanted to break up with Angel but ended up killing the two women. David’s confession to Amanda was heard by the investigators behind the one-way mirror, who got everything they needed to make their case foolproof.

David Hoshaw is Behind Bars Today

David Hoshaw

On October 5, 2010, David pled guilty to two counts of first-degree murder, given the case built against him by those in charge of the investigation. He was then sentenced to two life sentences and was denied parole. The prosecutors were reportedly planning on seeking the death penalty before David pleaded guilty. “For the sake of my family, I am pleading guilty to this crime,” he stated. As per current records, David is 51 and remains incarcerated at the River North Correctional Center in Independence, Virginia.

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