Naomi Hoshaw and Alison Ashcroft: Where Are David Hoshaw’s Ex-Wives Now?

David Hoshaw

ABC’s ’20/20: House of Cards’ chronicles the shocking double murder of Angelique “Angel” Goyena and her mother, Vonda Goyena, in Norfolk, Virginia. After the two were found brutally stabbed to death in their home, the police soon discovered the involvement of Angelique’s fiancé, David Hoshaw. However, as they dug deeper into his background, they learned that not just did he cheat on his partner with another woman, but he also had a complicated relationship with his former wives, Naomi Hoshaw and Alison Ashcroft.

Who Are Naomi Hoshaw and Alison Ashcroft?

Before David Hoshaw met Angelique Goyena, he was previously married to Naomi Hoshaw, with whom he reportedly had two sons, Brandon and Jonathan. Albeit, the marriage ended when he allegedly started abusing Naomi and withheld all his financial details from her. Later, David tied the knot with Alison Marie Ashcroft, yet even that marriage ended when he exhibited similarly toxic behavior. Despite his divorce, he kept contact with his sons and was involved in their lives.

David Hoshaw

In 2006, David met Angelique online and quickly fell in love; he proposed to her six months later and moved in with her and her mother in their Norfolk home. Things took an unexpected turn in 2007 when he secretly began dating Amanda while still being engaged to his fiancée. Meanwhile, Angelique was unaware of David’s affair and was busy planning their wedding, though she did notice his increasingly distant behavior. Eventually, the latter hatched an evil plan to eliminate his fiancée and live with Amanda permanently. On June 30, 2006, David stabbed Angelique and Vonda to death and escaped.

But when the police questioned David later, he claimed he was at a Boy Scouts camp for a week with his 12-year-old son. Surprisingly, when the police confirmed his alibi and he was let go, he immediately left Norfolk and moved into Amanda’s home in Menominee, Michigan. On top of that, David sent two letters to the police from mailboxes in Chicago and Michigan, wherein he anonymously claimed to have killed Angelique and Vonda because the former rejected him. Moreover, he teased the detectives regarding their inability to catch him and bragged about his misdeeds.

As the police struggled to find the anonymous killer, they doubted David’s account and started investigating him. They discovered his abusive behavior toward his ex-wives, Naomi and Alison, and that his credit card receipts and phone records pointed to him being the one who sent the letters. Based on this circumstantial evidence, David was arrested and indicted for capital murder in June 2009. Soon, he confessed his crimes to Amanda during police interrogation and pled guilty to two counts of first-degree murder. In October 2010, David was given two life sentences without parole.

Naomi Hoshaw and Alison Ashcroft Are Doing Well in Their Respective Lives Today

Naomi Hoshaw and Alison Ashcroft deeply suffered when they were married to David, yet they were shocked by the extent of his evilness when they learned of his eventual crimes. Nevertheless, they decided to end all their association with him and found solace in each other as friends. As per reports, Naomi and Alison now stay in Newport News, Virginia, and are still close friends who support one another.

Not just that, one of Naomi’s sons is a US Marine, and the other one is a successful author. As per reports, she works at the Disabled American Veterans Thrift Store. On the other hand, Alison is private about her personal life on social platforms, but is seemingly doing well for herself. Both women have openly spoken about their relationship with David on the show, hoping their experiences would make others aware of signs of abuse.

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