Your Honor Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Who Killed Robin?

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The sixteenth chapter of Showtime’s ‘Your Honor’ resolves one of the most pressing mysteries on the show. In the previous episode, Michael Desiato found the noose of the law tightening around his neck when his alibi on the night of his wife’s murder was questioned. For a while, it looked like Michael’s final secret and whatever remains in his life may come tumbling down with this revelation. However, the episode takes a surprising turn and by giving us a concert answer, it sows the seed of another conflict, with chaos already brewing in New Orleans. Here’s what the ending means for the characters. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

Nancy Costello arrests Michael but it becomes clear to him that she doesn’t really have anything to keep him there for long. Elizabeth arrives to take him home, but when she discovers that there might have been some development in the case, she asks Michael to chase the lead and see if they can find an answer to what really happened to Robin. Michael takes her to the man that Robin had been having an affair with, who further leads them to a source that finally gives them the name of Robin’s murderer.

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Jimmy Baxter feels the pressure from Carmine Conti when the latter brings in his old contacts to invest in his new project. Jimmy is against letting more criminals into his territory, especially the ones that deal with the things that Jimmy wants to keep a distance from. Carmine asks him to embrace his true nature as a mob boss, otherwise, he’ll lose whatever control he has over his city.

Gina and Fia prepare for Baby Rocco’s baptism. They leave the baby in the care of Carlo, which proves to be a bad decision when Carlo receives a call from an old friend who tells him that Euegen is in town. Meanwhile, Big Mo struggles to move around her product which has already claimed many lives. She tries to get the product sold outside the city limits, but things take a turn for the worse when one of his men meets a personal tragedy because of it.

Your Honor Season 2 Episode 6 Ending: Is Eugene Dead?

This season began on shaky grounds for Euegene. He had tried to exact revenge on the Baxters by targeting Carlo but ended up killing Adam instead. While Carlo was saved, this didn’t stop the Baxters from going after him. It was Lil Mo who took pity on him and got him out of the town. To pay back this debt and save Lil Mo, Eugene came back to return the money that would otherwise have been lost. Big Mo throws Lil Mo out of the gang for his negligence on two separate occasions. She decides to send Eugene back to Houston before anyone can find out about him and create more trouble for her.

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Unfortunately for Eugene, one of Carlo’s old friends, who is also a drug addict, happens to be passing by. He sees Eugene and informs Carlo, who arrives just in time to find Eugene leaving. Carlo planned to confront him on the way and then kill him. But his friend ends up crashing their car and Carlo gets stuck inside. Eugene gets out of his car and finds Carlo’s gun. Finally, he has the opportunity to take the shot that he would surely not miss this time. He can have his revenge. But Eugene decides that he is not a killer.

Instead of killing Carlo, Eugene decides to flee and finds himself at the bus station. Meanwhile, Rudy arrives on the scene and finds Eugene’s drawing book. He realizes that the boy is back in town. At the hospital, Carlo tells his family about Eugene. While the rest of them are concerned with whether or not he killed the boy, Fia becomes frustrated with her family, finding it unacceptable that her brother left her baby in the care of a complete stranger.

Meanwhile, Rudy finds out Eugene’s location. He knows that he will have to kill the boy because he’d told the Baxters that Eugene has been disposed of. Once they find out that he didn’t deliver on his word, it will make things very difficult for him. In his interest, it is better to just kill the boy. In the final scene, we see Eugene getting shot, which means that there is a good chance that he is dead. However, luck just might favor him if Rudy has a change of heart or someone else swoops in to save the day.

Who Killed Robin?

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The mystery of Robin’s death had been haunting Michael until he was forced to completely shift his attention towards Adam’s situation. In this episode, he and Elizabeth finally find out who killed Robin. Elizabeth points out that the cops wouldn’t have brought in Michael for questioning if they didn’t have something new. He reveals that they’d been questioning his alibi. He’d told them that he was at his house on the night of the murder, but really, he was confronting Kenneth, the man that Robin had been having an affair with.

Kenneth reveals that the cops were led to him by another man, and Kenneth used Michael as his alibi. He also reveals that Robin had been in touch with a source named KJ, who told her about the involvement of the police in a string of murders that were covered up. Elizabeth and Michael track down KJ, who after some reluctance tells them about the police officer who used to deal him drugs in exchange for information.

This police officer, named Detective Walter Beckwith was one of the cops who was involved in the killings. When Robin approached KJ for the story, she was ambushed at the convenience store where KJ saw Beckwith, even though his face was covered by a mask, shoot her to death. He also reveals that the circumstances made it look like Beckwith already knew she was coming. This means that someone ratted out Robin, and it could have been the same person that Robin called before leaving the house that night. The identity of the caller is not revealed, but with her case gaining momentum, it looks like the entire story surrounding her murder will be revealed soon.

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