Yu Ling From The Circle: Everything We Know

With Netflix’s ‘The Circle‘ having the perfect blend of drama, feuds, friendships, and flirtationships, there’s no denying that it is genuinely one of the most popular reality series’ at the moment. A significant reason behind it is its unique social media-driven, popularity-based premise, but let’s be honest, the ever-interesting cast members are the ones who make the whole thing work. So now that we know Yu Ling Wu is amongst these contestants in season 4, let’s dig deep and uncover all there is to learn about her personal as well as professional endeavors, shall we?

Yu Ling’s Age and Background

Originally from San Francisco, California — the 415 — Yu Ling Wu is a “first and a half gen Chinese American,” as per her account on the Netflix original. “Because both my parents are immigrants,” she added, “they were working to make sure there was food on the table. So I would say that I was raised culturally by like MTV, VH1.” Despite that, Yu Ling, currently in her mid-20s, seems to have an incredible bond with them as well as her sister, who reportedly has a family of her own in The Bay area. After years of shaming, she is now determined to preserve her heritage as well.

In ‘The Circle,’ Yu Ling had implied that over the years she’d been subjugated to several remarks for her height (4’6″), for simply being a woman, and for her Chinese roots, which affected her a lot. Nevertheless, she has gradually been working through them because she has realized that these are all aspects to be proud of — they truly shape who she is. Of course, insecurities and inhibitions don’t wash away with the snap of a finger, but Yu Ling has ostensibly always had the unwavering support of her family in this journey.

“I asked my dad once if he was happy to be in this country,” Yu Ling wrote in the caption of an adorable post she shared of her parents on Instagram in 2018. “He said, ‘why not? I’m here, and so is my family. That’s all that matters. That and you making more than how much your school tuition cost; otherwise, it would be a waste’.” That same year, she’d also revealed some of her favorite things about her parents, and for her mother, Yu Ling’d specifically stated, “Mom: literally the bit*hiest and most badass f**ker out there. She is my inspiration, and honestly, I aspire to reach her level of indifference to haters.”

Yu Ling’s Profession

After graduating from Lowell High School in 2014, Yu Ling earned her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre (while minoring in Ethnicity and Race) from the Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts in 2018. She even wrote a solo show entitled ‘Dream American’ (essentially about her life) as a student, only for it to be accepted into The United Solo Festival before landing in actual theatres. However, the performer has since moved on to different ventures.

Yu Ling is not only a full-time self-employed Social Media and Brand Marketing Consultant these days but also a fashion/beauty influencer based in New York. She has actually managed to achieve great success in her field within a relatively short period, especially considering her YouTube channel, few modeling projects, and content partnerships with Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty and Savage x Fenty brands.

Is Yu Ling Wu Dating Anyone?

Although Yu Ling Wu is a flirt by nature, as evidenced in the Netflix original, she prefers to keep the details about her love life under wraps. Furthermore, her online presence yields no direct clues concerning her relationship status. Thus, it’s highly plausible that the free-spirited personality is happily single and merely focused on her career at the moment.

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