Yun Ha-bin: The Single’s Inferno Contestant is Now an Actor

As a reality dating or variety series living up to its title in nearly every way conceivable, Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno‘ can only be described as equal parts dramatic, romantic, entertaining, and exciting. That’s because it revolves around a group of young, flirty individuals as they step onto a deserted island in the hopes of finding their one true love based upon emotionality as well as personality alone. Amongst them in season 3 is actually Yun Ha-bin — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about him, his background, experiences, and current possible standing, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Yun Ha-bin?

While there’s no denying Ha-bin is quite a reserved individual, it honestly just adds to his charm by making him come across as rather mysterious — his often hidden muscular physique helps in this too. “I think my eyes are what makes me attractive,” he said in his introduction. “People around me often say that they make me look good-natured. Also, once I set a goal for myself, I push forward with it without ever giving up. I want to shake things up a bit.” It turns out his shyness has been a part of him since he was a young boy, but he’s quite open with people once he gets comfortable around them.

However, Ha-bin didn’t get to open up to someone until almost the very end — he was quite popular initially owing to the air of enigma around him, yet it soon fizzled without yielding anything. Nevertheless, because he’d already found himself attracted to Yun Ha-jeong, he tried his best to approach her despite knowing her eyes were set on Lee Gwan-hee even with his seemingly player ways. His patience ultimately panned out as she chose him for a Paradise date on Day 6, yet he couldn’t bring himself to ask all the questions he’d wanted as he wished to maintain an easygoing aura.

Unfortunately, Ha-bin’s decision to do so only disappointed Ha-jeong, leading them to end before they truly even began — he later said he maybe should’ve shown his assertive, manlier side more, yet it is what it is. In fact, his exact words were, “My final choice is Yun Ha-jeong. She made me feel a lot of different emotions here. I should’ve been more of a man with her. I regret it a lot, and I feel bad for not having done more. I learned a lot through her, and I’d like to thank her for that.” Alas, he never got an opportunity to do so on camera since her unrequited final choice was still Gwan-hee, resulting in his time to stand at Inferno’s gate never arriving.

Where is Yun Ha-bin Now?

From what we can tell, 31-year-old Ha-bin’s real-world experiences are actually much different than anyone might expect upon witnessing his bashful, introverted stint in ‘Single’s Inferno.’ After all, he’s a professional actor currently focusing on independent films while also dedicating a good chunk of his time every week to the gym for both his physical as well as mental fitness. Moreover, it appears as if he’s also an avid traveler plus animal lover, meaning he has since found specific comfort zones outside of his home life that kind of urge him to come out of his shell. Honestly, we wish him nothing but the best, and we can’t wait to see what’s in the cards for him next.

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