Are Zac and Elizabeth From Love Island Still Together?

Love Island‘ is a reality TV show where a group of single people come together and live in a villa on a secluded island for about a month in the hopes of finding love and winning a large sum of prize money at the end. Cut-off from the outside world, the contestants are filmed continuously and have no other option but to develop relationships with each other. The series started out in the U.K. but has since turned into a franchise that never fails to give us the perfect mix of drama, romance, and heartbreak in one.

Zac and Elizabeth: Love Island Journey

The very first season of ‘Love Island’ U.S introduced us to the 22-year-old Zac Mirabelli from Chicago, Illinois, and the 24-year-old model Elizabeth Weber from New York. The two caught each other’s eye on the very first day in the villa, and after talking a while of talking, decided that they wanted to couple up.

In an interview with People, later on, Zac admitted that he was immediately drawn to Elizabeth, stating: “When I first walked into the villa and saw Elizabeth, I knew instantly that she was the girl that I wanted to couple up with, just based off of physical attraction. And it turned out that I ended up being her type as well.”

And they stuck to each other! Even after they were given the option to re-couple after some time had passed, both Zac and Elizabeth chose to stay with each other and ended up being the only couple to be with their original day one picks. Being inseparable from the get-go, Zac and Elizabeth quickly became fan favorites.

Their date nights and whispered conversations, along with the fact that they were hardly involved in any drama with the other islanders, made it look like their relationship was a match made in heaven. Plus, things only got brighter for them when their connection became stronger, and Zac officially asked her to be his girlfriend.

The couple became the first ones out of the 25 contestants to be in a committed relationship. Not only that, but they even declared their true feelings of love for each other and had the opportunity to meet their significant other’s family before the show ended.

After the combined votes of the viewers were calculated, Zac and Elizabeth were crowned the winning couple of season one of ‘Love Island’ with Elizabeth winning the $100,000 prize money. Although, she decided to split the winnings with her boyfriend, without whom she couldn’t have made it.

Are Zac and Elizabeth Still Together?

No, they are not. Zac and Elizabeth were together for a few months even after the show had ended, but they parted ways in December of 2019. Having never expected to find love on a TV series, both Zac and Elizabeth had admitted that the whole process had been very surreal. And with them in the real world again instead of the idyllic island and having to be in a long-distance relationship, things had needed adjustment.

For a while, the couple seemed quite happy, traveling back and forth to spend time with each other and taking vacations. Their relationship was definitely moving forward in the right direction as they were even planning to move to a city to be together, but in December 2019, they suddenly announced their breakup.

Both individuals took to their Instagram stories to explain the situation. While Zac wrote: “The breakup was mutual and we have left on amicable terms. We simply wanted different things, and it wasn’t fair to either one of us to continue a path that no longer served either of us or our differing interests.” Elizabeth, in her own statement, mentioned that ” I had wished things could have turned out differently life doesn’t always work out the way we could have hoped.”

It doesn’t seem like there is any bad blood between the two after their breakup. And in the few months, since they have been apart, it also doesn’t look like they have started dating anybody else. The only update is that Zac officially began his career as a model. In March 2020, he announced that he was signed by Ford Models New York and was excited to start this new journey.

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