Zoey 102 Ending, Explained: Do Zoey and Chase End Up Together?

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Directed by Nancy Hower, Paramount+’s ‘Zoey 102’ is a romantic comedy movie that serves as a sequel to ‘Zoey 101,’ the beloved comedy-drama show that aired from 2005 to 2008. Set more than a decade since the events of the parent show, it follows Zoey, now in her early 30s, as she struggles with her job as a reality TV producer. She is elated when asked to be the maid of honor at her school friends Quinn and Logan’s wedding. To Zoey’s dismay, a significant work opportunity clashes with the wedding weekend.

To add to her woes, Zoey must face Chase, her former high school love, with whom things ended awkwardly years ago. As the weekend progresses, she tries her best to juggle the wedding and her job, along with her conflicted feelings for her ex, leading to some hilarious consequences. Given the mess Zoey finds herself in, viewers must be curious to learn how she gets out of it and what finally happens between her and Chase. So, if you also wish to find out more about the interesting ending of ‘Zoey 102,’ we’ve got you covered! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Zoey 102 Plot Synopsis

Fifteen years after leaving Pacific Coast Academy (PCA), Zoey Brooks is now a 32-year-old TV producer working on a reality show called ‘LOVE: Fully Charged.’ Sadly, she is grossly under-appreciated at her job, with her boss, Kelly, mistreating her every step of the way. Zoey gets some respite when her school best friend, Quinn Pensky, calls to tell her that she’s getting married to her high-school sweetheart, Logan Reese. Not just that, the latter asks her to be the maid of honor, which she happily accepts.

However, Zoey is soon informed that the finale of her reality show clashes with the wedding day and that she must ensure all goes well on the set to save her job. On top of it, Quinn shares that Logan’s best man is none other than Chase, her former high school boyfriend. This poses a problem for Zoey, as she had not ended things with him on the best terms years ago and has never seen or contacted him since then. As she still has feelings for him, things get complicated because he is now dating Danielle. Zoey hires an actor named Todd Schupert as her pretend boyfriend at the wedding to avoid any awkwardness.

Determined to tackle both the wedding and the reality show finale efficiently, Zoey sets out for the weekend with Todd. At the venue, she meets other friends from high school, including Stacey, who now hosts a popular true-crime podcast and is married to Mark, also her field producer. On the other hand, Michael is a renowned rap producer, and Chase is a well-settled elementary school teacher. As the latter and Zoey meet for the first time in fifteen years, they learn that the other has moved on. Chase is specifically irked by Todd, who pretends to be a successful surgeon named Hugo.

On the night of the reception, the gang goes to a karaoke bar, but things get heated when Chase and Todd compete for Zoey’s attention. This ends in the latter confronting Chase if he still loves her, yet he denies it and claims he has moved on. The following day, Zoey struggles to divide time between the rehearsal dinner and the shoot, so Todd offers to babysit the show’s finalist Jordan B. for her. However, things turn messy when he accompanies the latter to the pier, and he injures his head badly.

Todd then confesses to Zoey that Jordan B. suffers from amnesia and has forgotten the past six months. Consequently, she panics, as the finale will be aired the next day, and the contestant does not remember his participation in the show. Nevertheless, Zoey returns to the rehearsal dinner just in time, where she and Chase offer heartfelt toasts to the bride and groom. Following an endearing moment between the former couple on the morning of the wedding, she learns that the wedding ceremony and the reality show’s finale are happening simultaneously.

To worsen things, the car to be given as the prize in the finale is in Zoey’s care and breaks down completely, causing her and Chase to walk to the wedding venue on foot. Realizing that she has to be at two places simultaneously, she arrives exceptionally late at the wedding with her earbuds and phones plugged in, giving Jordan B. cues for his lines over a call.

Unfortunately, a colossal fiasco happens when Stacy and Mark announce they have finally identified a serial killer called the Malibu Murderer, causing Zoey to mix up Jordan’s lines and him choosing the car which she accidentally destroyed as his prize. Consequently, the ‘LOVE: Fully Charged’ finale ends in complete disaster. After Kelly fires Zoey, even the wedding becomes a mess when Quinn lashes out at her for lying and taking her for granted and storms out. Determined to make things right, she calls in some old friends from PCA and takes the gang back there.

Gradually, everyone pitches in to prepare a surprise for Quinn, and she and Zoey reconcile. Meanwhile, she is worried about her future after losing her job, but to her surprise, Kelly calls her and tells her that despite her mess-up, the show’s finale was a huge success. Accordingly, he offers Zoey her job back and a promotion, which she happily accepts, along with some conditions of her own.

Zoey 102 Ending, Explained: Do Zoey and Chase End Up Together?

Zoey and Chase meet after fifteen years at Quinn and Logan’s wedding, having been in contact all this while. Besides, things are heavily awkward between them as everyone knows she abandoned him on their vacation to Hawaii without any explanation. Still, Zoey musters up all her courage to face him, only to see him happy with his girlfriend, Danielle. Besides, even Chase is not pleased to see her with Todd, unaware he is an actor she hired as her boyfriend. This causes friction between the two guys, who even have a showdown at the karaoke bar to impress Zoey.

Albeit, when Todd confronts Chase and asks her if he still loves Zoey, the latter lies and says that he has moved on. Regardless, it is evident they both have feelings for each other and are afraid of acting on them, given their bitter past. On the morning of the wedding, Zoey and Chase are tasked with collecting the wedding rings and have an awkward conversation on the way. At the jewelry store, everyone mistakes them for being a couple in love, and as they play along, they are forced to kiss.

On the way back, Chase and Zoey finally discuss why she left him in Hawaii fifteen years ago, and she confesses she was afraid that they would make a mess of things like always and hurt each other. Therefore, she abandoned him without an explanation, badly breaking both their hearts. Chase and Zoey realize that despite their fears and past experiences, they still love each other and share an emotional kiss. Nonetheless, as they somehow arrive at the wedding on foot after the car breaks down, things go downhill when Quinn and Zoey fight.

On top of it, Todd reveals he is an actor pretending to be Zoey’s boyfriend. Despite everyone being mad at her for ruining the wedding, Chase consoles and meets her at the beach. He then reveals that he and Danielle broke up a few weeks ago and that she only came to the wedding to keep him company. But when Chase saw Zoey happy with Todd, he played along and pretended he was with his girlfriend. Once the two realize they love each other deeply, Zoey gets motivated to make things right with Quinn. Later, at the PCA, she and Chase dance together and profess their love and intent to be together, sealing it with a kiss.

Do Quinn and Logan Get Married?

Though Quinn and Logan have been high school sweethearts whom everyone expected to marry at some point, things become problematic for them when they finally decide to go ahead with it. At the reception, she takes Zoey aside and confesses that while she loves Logan, she only agreed to the wedding to make him happy. Not just that, Quinn is displeased that he is going overboard with the wedding festivities and has disregarded her wishes to keep it a small ceremony.

Besides, Logan gets too carried away with making the ceremony extravagant, getting engrossed over the minute details than spending time with his would-be bride. This upsets Quinn, as she wants to be equally a part of the wedding preparations and feel seen by her partner. As the wedding approaches, she starts feeling even more suffocated, and with even her best friend, Zoey, ignoring her for her job, she begins resenting the wedding. Thus, at the final ceremony, when she learns that Zoey has prioritized her work, she bursts out at her for sidelining her and lying constantly.

Moreover, Quinn confronts Logan about his ignorant and selfish behavior, eventually calls off the wedding, and runs away. Ashamed of her behavior, Zoey decides to make it up to her friends with some encouragement from Chase. Hence, the gang goes down to their old school premises, which have become dilapidated. Nonetheless, they all work hard and transform it into a dreamy wedding venue, just as Quinn would have liked. In the meantime, Logan goes to her house and apologizes for acting selfishly, confessing he would do anything to make her happy.

Logan and Quinn then arrive at PCA, where she is elated to see the efforts her friends have made for her. Once she and Zoey have a heartfelt conversation, the couple goes on to have a low-key and intimate wedding ceremony, officiated by Michael, like the bride-to-be dreamed of. Overcoming several challenges and a disastrous first attempt at a wedding, Logan and Quinn can finally put aside all their differences and tie the knot, surrounded by their close ones.

Who is the Malibu Murderer?

At the wedding reception, Stacy and Mark reveal that they are investigating a serial killer on the loose named the Malibu Murderer, who specifically targets women. Though no one takes them seriously, the couple is determined to catch the murderer and start investigating after theorizing that he could be present among the wedding guests. On the morning of the wedding, Todd enjoys a skincare session with the ladies, where he accidentally slips that he is actually from Burbank, not Brisbane, as he had earlier claimed. Though he immediately tries to cover up, Stacy gets suspicious of him.

Later, Mark comes across a composite sketch of the Malibu Murderer being circulated by the police, and he and Stacy realize that it looks eerily like Todd. Hell-bent on making him confess, they confront him publicly at the wedding and accuse him of being the serial killer, but he clears the air and confesses that he is just an actor Zoey hired as her pretend boyfriend. Embarrassed at their misjudgment, Stacy and Mark later apologize to Todd for their false accusations at Quinn and Logan’s wedding at the PCA. In a shocking twist, it is finally revealed that they were right, and he indeed is the Malibu Murderer, who has hidden a person inside a body bag in his car.

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