Zombieverse: Is Love Hunter a Real Dating Show?

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that Netflix’s ‘Zombieverse’ is a half-drama, half-reality entertainment original series that lives up to its title in nearly every way conceivable. After all, it centers around a group of unwitting public personalities as they suddenly find themselves fighting for survival in the midst of a truly menacing zombie outbreak across South Korea.

Though if we’re being honest, one of the most intriguing aspects of this entire production is the way it actually starts off on the set of another show altogether, that of reality dating ‘Love Hunter.’ So now, if you’re simply curious to learn more about the same — that is, its core concept, filming location, plus whether or not it’s even real — we’ve got every necessary available detail for you.

Is Love Hunter Real?

With cameras set up inside a hip bar called La Luz on the vibrant Hongdae Street in Seoul, five celebrities were invited to give real-time commentary for a dating series unlike any other, ‘Love Hunter.’ We claim this because its alleged notion is the complete opposite of what we have recently gotten used to — it places physical intimacy over sheer emotionality rather than the other way around.

In other words, ‘Love Hunter’ invites a group of willing singles onto its platform and then pairs them up with a viable partner before asking them to kiss to see if they could have a future or not. However, none of it is real — the “show” is utterly fictitious, with even its name likely being an intended pun to underscore how the apocalypse would kickstart when a singleton bites their partner.

This means that the production was merely a ploy to get entertainer Ro Hong-Chul, comedian Park Na-Rae, singer Tsuki (Fukutomi Tsuki), rapper DinDin (Lim Cheol), as well as actress Lee Si-Young together to ensure they experience the terrifying outbreak at the same time, only to then form a team for survival prior to meeting the remaining cast members at a supermarket later on.

Though considering originals like ‘Single’s Inferno,’ ‘The Future Diary,’ and ‘Too Hot to Handle’ have been possible in the past few years, we don’t see why ‘Love Hunter’ can’t one day become a reality too. Honestly, with how alluring, fierce, as well as steamy it would be through its spotlight on the significance of intimacy in every romantic relationship from the get-go, we, for one, would watch it for sure.

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