Zombieverse: Who Lives and Who Dies? [Spoiler]

Created by Park Jin-kyung, Netflix’s ‘Zombieverse‘ takes viewers on an exciting adventure set in a universe where a zombie outbreak takes place in the city of Seoul, South Korea, and the surrounding region. The first season of the Korean reality show featured some amazingly talented celebrities who tried their best to escape the apocalyptic situation without getting infected by one of the zombies after getting bitten or scratched. If you are curious about which of the cast members escaped unharmed and which ended up becoming a part of the undead, we are here to discuss the same. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Ro Hong-chul: Infected

We are starting off with Ro Hong-chul (AKA Noh Hong-chul), a celebrated television personality whose journey in the show was certainly an exciting one. However, the artist did earn the ire of Park Na-rae during the starting phase of the whole adventure when his actions led to her getting scratched by the zombies. Towards the end, when all of the uninfected were waiting till morning to board the rescue boat, Park decided that she would have her final act of revenge by locking herself in one of the cabins with Ro just before her transformation into a zombie took place completely. As such, Ro Hung-chul was infected.

Lee Si-young: Survives

Having been a part of the zombie adventure after the outbreak on the set of ‘Love Hunters,’ Lee Si-young’s approach toward the whole situation was a curious mix of practicality and empathy. While she did try to help her teammates and showed off her physical prowess by carrying an injured Park Na-rae, she would also not be far behind in making the best of a situation when it came to utilizing their resources, including the infected, but yet to be turned, survivors. This strategy not only helped her become the sub-leader of the group but also saw her survive till the end and board the bus-shaped rescue boat.

Park Na-rae: Infected

When the group of survivors was stuck in the parking lot and had to use a forklift, Park Na-rae was the only one who knew how to operate it but was unable to do so due to her leg injury. As such, she was partnered with Ro Hong-chul, who seemingly pushed her into a horde of zombies when the undead attacked them. This led to her getting scratched by the zombies, starting a slow but assured transformation into the undead, which was completed after she and Ro were locked into a Ferris Wheel cabin.

DinDin: Survives

A man of action, Lim Cheol, AKA DinDin, was one person who always was on the frontlines and would not hesitate to take up daunting tasks to ensure the survival of the group. Due to his presence of mind, the Netflix star almost always came out on top, though he did have a close call when Park Na-rae was torn between either infecting him or Ro Hung-chul as DinDin had been making remarks about her since she got scratched in the parking lot. Ultimately, he survived and was one of the two people who stowed away onto a fishing boat.

Tsuki: Survives

Fukutomi Tsuki, who is primarily famous as Tsuki, won many hearts due to her kind gestures and willingness to take risks. When the whole group was stuck in the village factory, Tsuki was the only person found by the village leader and his goons, who locked her in a cage, though she was able to escape with the help of Jonathan Yiombi and Dex. Ultimately, she was the other person besides DinDin, who was able to board the fishing boat before the owner threw away the rope that the others wanted to use.

Kkwachu Hyung: Infected

When urologist Kkwachu Hyung saw Park Na-rae stuck amidst a hoard of zombies, he braved the crowd of undead to rescue her. However, the two ended up getting infected and waited to inevitably turn into zombies. Since their status as almost undead meant that the two would not be attacked by the zombies, Hyung and Park often ended up doing tasks that would see them in close proximity to supernatural beings. After freeing the uninfected from the Ferris Wheel so that they could board the rescue boat, Hyung completed his transformation into a zombie off-screen.

Dex: Survives

Kim Jin-young, whom you might better know as Dex, became the leader of the group due to his past experience with the army and a willingness to always help others whenever possible. Over the course of the adventure, he helped Park Na-rae and Tsuki to escape possibly hopeless situations. He was even fearless in the face of Park’s rage as she revealed her plan to attack one of the survivors and easily revealed his location. Ultimately, he was able to board the actual rescue boat though initially, he had almost been on the fishing boat before doubling back to help Patricia Yiombi.

Jonathan Yiombi: Infected

After Tsuki was locked in one of the cages and the group of uninfected was separated from those who had already been scratched by the zombies, the cast members came up with a strategy for possibly fooling their enemies by covering Jonathan in the blood of a “corpse” that they found. While the strategy was successful in initially confusing the zombies, he was bitten and infected. Due to the nature of his wound, Jonathan’s transformation was faster compared to Park Na-rae and Kkwachu Hyung, and he became a zombie the very next day, though he had been restrained in the home of reporter Kim Sal-man.

Patricia Yiombi: Survives

Sister to Jonathan Yiombi, Patricia Yiombi tried to be as much of a group player as possible, though she did often find herself in complicated situations, like being tied just out of reach of a zombified woman. However, the most heartbreaking part of the whole adventure for her was perhaps losing her Jonathan. At one point, things did seem hopeless when Patricia was unable to make it to the boat that the group had assumed was their intended rescue vehicle. However, the arrival of the actual bus-shaped rescue boat made for a bittersweet ending for Patricia, as she did escape with her life but had to leave her brother behind.

Yoo Hee-kwan: Infected

The first person to get infected among the main cast members, Yoo Hee-kwan embarked on a rescue mission to save Park Na-rae after she was stuck in a supermarket aisle, enclosed in between two shopping carts. While his actions helped save Park and allowed her to escape the premises with the other survivors, Hee-kwan was brutally attacked and “killed.” When the group had to spend the night at an amusement park while waiting for their rescue boat, they were attacked by several zombies, including a now undead Hee-kwan.

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