Zombieverse: Who is Dex? Did He Also Appear in Single’s Inferno?

If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that Dex won millions of hearts throughout his stint in Netflix’s ‘Zombieverse‘ even though it’s an unscripted, apocalypse-driven original series. After all, despite the fact he initially came across as rather mysterious by not saying much, his actions showed he cared — he helped his cast mates at every turn without much regard for the risks. It thus comes as no surprise he was ultimately appointed group leader, especially due to his Navy experience; so now, if you simply wish to learn more about this survivor, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Dex?

Although it’s apparent Dex was born on June 9, 1995, as Kim Jin-Young, not much regarding his family or early years is clear as of writing since he prefers to keep such details away from the limelight. He hasn’t ever offered a reason for this, yet we assume it’s partly owing to his background in the military — he was a part of the Republic of Korea Navy Special Warfare Flotilla unit (ROKN UDT/SEAL).In other words, maybe his training instilled in him not to let any personal aspects shine through to ensure long-term safety, which also kind of explains his behavior and the way he still carries himself.

It’s hence imperative to note that despite Dex reportedly having left his warfare days behind around the mid to late 2010s, he’s admittedly adamant about letting its discipline be a part of his daily life. That’s how he has managed to remain physically astute, quick on his feet, as well as sharp-minded in every way, shape, or form, but it’s also why he has no hobbies except for maybe riding his motorcycles. Though the 28-year-old does wear many professional hats — he’s a content creator on YouTube and Twitch, ostensibly has his own cafe, plus is an influential part of a media/broadcasting production firm kthd Studio.

Did Dex Appear in Single’s Inferno?

It was seemingly near 2020 that Suncheon native Dex made his debut on our screens with the purported aim of bringing the importance of military skills in everyday life into the spotlight, and he hasn’t backed away since. The prime example of this is obviously his recent feature in ‘Zombieverse,’ yet he has appeared in at least three other real-variety high-consumption productions over the past few years. This includes a 2-hour film called ‘Toy Soldiers: Fake Men 2’ (released in cinemas across South Korea in 2021) and both seasons 1 as well as 2 of the intense survival show ‘Blood Game’ (that truly lives up to its title).

Then there was Dex’s stint in the ‘Love and Joy’ dating series two years ago, but this fitness influencer, rising model, and travel enthusiast is still undeniably most known for his brief yet passionate time in season 2 of Netflix’s incredible ‘Single’s Inferno.’ This particular original also enables participants to build connections with strangers in the hopes of helping them find their one true love, and it’s where he was first compared to BTS’s vocalist Jungkook due to their similar styles along with personalities. In fact, Dex created such an alluring, unforgettable impression during his time here that he has actually been confirmed as a cast member for the upcoming ‘Single’s Inferno’ season 3 as well.

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