1899: Who All Are Present in the Spaceship in 2099?

Netflix’s ‘1899‘ is a sci-fi psychological thriller series that revolves around a group of migrants sailing from London to New York on Kerberos. Although the migrants come from various nations, one thread that connects all of them is trauma. Each of them harbors disturbing secrets and wishes to outrun their past by settling in America. When Kerberos mysteriously finds its sister ship, Prometheus, abandoned in the ocean, the story takes a dark turn.

One of the pivotal aspects of the show is its setting. The various characters’ backstories and the unexplainable events play out either on the ship or in the characters’ dreams. At least, that’s what the audience thinks until Maura wakes up in a spaceship, and the year isn’t ‘1899’ but 2099. There are several other people along with her, but they aren’t awake. So, who all are present on the spaceship in 2099, and how did they get there? Well, we’ve got an answer for you.

A Ship Full of Trauma Survivors

Almost all characters suffering from trauma are present on the ship except Daniel, Elliot, and Henry. The people present on the ship include Virginia Wilson, Eyk, Krester, Tove, Iben, Anker, Olek, Ling Yi, Ling Yi’s mother, Ángel, Ramiro, Lucien, Clémence, and Jérome.

Maura’s husband, Daniel, tells her that her brother tampered with the simulation. But now, Daniel has fixed it, and when Maura wakes up, she will be in reality and not a simulation. Maura sees these people around her, and when she looks outside, it is revealed that she’s on a spaceship called Prometheus. If we look at the people on the spacecraft, we’ll see that everyone who has had a dream is present. However, people like Krester, Ling Yi’s mother, Clémence, and Olek are present too.

One theory that explains this is that despite not having dreams, the other characters were either present in someone else’s dreams or have a trauma of their own, which hasn’t come to light yet. For instance, Ángel and Ramiro mention how they have come onto the ship after the latter killed somebody. Similarly, in Olek’s case, when Ling Yi asks Olek about the photo he carries, he says that his brother gave it to him. However, he doesn’t go into details, and the look on his face indicates something happened between him and his brother. Besides this, the letters the characters receive can be another factor that points to their presence on the spaceship.

Another interesting thing we notice is that the pod next to Jérome is empty. This could mean that besides Maura, another person is awake. There’s a good chance it can be Daniel because only he and Maura figure out the previous simulation and come out of it. Besides this, an important detail is the message on the monitor. It reads, “Project Prometheus: Survival Mission to 42.043240 -44.375760.” Beneath this, there are details about the number of passengers, crew members, and the current date.

If we look at the coordinates, they are pretty similar to the coordinates of the lost ship, Prometheus. Considering the spaceship also has the same name, this could likely be another simulation. The people present on the spacecraft will now have to work together to demystify yet another puzzle.

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