Wham: 8 Similar Documentaries You Must Explore

In the milieu of icons and superstars, Netflix’s ‘Wham!’ depicts the journey and rise of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley. Documenting the crevices of yesteryear, the documentary film helmed by Chris Smith doesn’t carry a hook that chronicles the torrid troubles of the band. Instead, it dives into the warmth and fondness of two lifelong friends who catapulted into success and managed to remain interlinked with each other even years later. It traces the meteoric fame that consecrated the duo and made them some of the greatest artists of the time.

Featuring the impact of their music and the success that followed, the documentary film maps a number of heartfelt moments that became pivotal to the success of the two artists. The film dives into the spectacle of the ‘80s whilst reeling in the vitality of friendship, music and sexuality. So, if you enjoyed the warmth revelation of a renowned band, then here is a list of documentaries like ‘Wham!’ for you.

8. Halftime (2022)

With one feat after another, Jennifer Lopez remains one of the biggest performers of the century. The documentary traces yet another feat in her career as she prepares to take the 2020 Super Bowl. Not just this, the documentary by director Amanda Micheli dives into the unyielding spirit of the singer, actress, and dancer and how ‘Jenny From the Block’ continues to create history. So, if you enjoyed looking at the triumph of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley as friends and artists, then you’ll find this depiction of resilience and tenacity equally compelling.

7. ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads (2019)

This poignant retelling focuses on the mysterious figure who rose from abject poverty and racial oppression and still managed to become a legendary blues musician. The documentary follows the story of bluesman Robert Johnson, a man who cast a bewitching spell on the music scene of America. While the success of the mysterious figure is not foreign to many, the man still is. Just as ‘Wham!’ features the beginnings of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, this documentary also looks at the real life and struggles of the man who rose to prominence even in the face of difficulties.

6. Gimme Shelter (1970)

The unsullied representation of the creative powers that impacted generations, ‘Gimme Shelter’ follows the fervor that enveloped the world following the potent mark cast by The Rolling Stones. Depicting the reverie of counterculture, this documentary, directed by Albert, captures the unrivaled joy and fanaticism that had followed The Rolling Stones in the early ‘70s. From the vigor of the Madison Square Garden to the excitement of the musical melee, the documentary captures the fanfare of rockstars Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, and Charlie Watts. Just like the supernovas of the 1980s, this documentary also represents the megahit band and superstars of the 1960s, making this the right movie to watch next!

5. Guns N’ Roses: Appetite of Destruction (2007)

Another group whose success earned them the coveted spot in the Olympus of superstars, the eccentric persona and charisma of Guns N’ Roses shine in this documentary. However, the film also reveals the unadulterated realities of the superstars. Much like George Michael’s trouble with drugs and closeted identity, this documentary also highlights the overarching influence of drugs and alcohol that affected the band. Much like ‘Wham!’ that captures the influence of pop icons with worldwide influence, this documentary also features the torchbearers of rock’n’roll.

4. Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese

The amalgamation of the factual and fictional, austere director Martin Scorsese transcends the realm of the fictitious and maps the enigmatic story of Bob Dylan in this documentary. This documentary chronicles the life of the artist who rose to prominence in the ‘60s. The film focuses on the subversive spirit of the 1970s and the complications that loomed close by on the eve of the nation’s bicentennial. The movie covers Bob Dylan’s 1975 tour called Rolling Thunder Revue with artists like Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez and Sharon Stone. With depth and subtlety hand in hand, the movie blends the footage of the tour into a remarkable narrative. Much like the warmth and exhilarating journey of ‘Wham!,’ this documentary also highlights the trickster side of a superstar.

3. Dolly Parton: Here I Am (2019)

Heralded for a career that has spanned over five decades, ‘Dolly Parton: Here I Am’ is a landmark documentary that charts the journey of the artist and the people around her. From detailing the stories that led to her trailblazing career to giving a clear account of her life, friends and companions, the documentary clearly represents the acclaimed artist. Much like the amusing and affable chemistry that led George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley to become worldwide superstars, this documentary also traces the incredible abilities of the woman who knows how to win a crowd!

2. The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit

Much like the humor and lighthearted jovial nature of pop artists George and Andrew, this documentary gives a clear look into the levity that had encompassed the British rock and pop band at the beginning of their career. Directed by Albert and David Maysles, this documentary features the notoriety of the musical group who had soared to new heights. So, if you enjoyed a peek into the success of two lifelong friends, then you’ll find this glimpse into the amazing rise of The Beatles equally entertaining.

1. Amy (2015)

Another story that features an intimate portrait of a major superstar, ‘Amy’ features the rise and life of Amy Winehouse. The documentary features the radiating rise of a young woman full of possibilities and happiness. From the meteoric success that followed ‘Back to Black’ to the cherubic vocals that elevated her renown, ‘Amy’ also documents Amy Winehouse’s first crisis of drug addiction and the harsh realities that propel a person to go to extremities.

As the docudrama traces the beginnings of the great artist, it gives a glimpse into the wondrous talent that comes by so rarely. So, if you enjoyed the mischievous and vibrant portrait of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley in ‘Wham!,’ then you’ll find this intriguing look at Amy Winehouse’s life equally invigorating.

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