90 Day Fiance The Other Way Season 5: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

The recently concluded season 5 of ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ has presented viewers with a variety of ups and downs that are certainly fitting for the ‘90 Day Fiancé‘ spinoff. Featuring several couples based outside the USA, the reality series gives you drama, betrayal, and romance, all wrapped together in a way that you cannot help but be intrigued by. As such, it is hardly a wonder that the world is immensely eager to know more about the current whereabouts of the featured pairs and just how many of the relationships are still intact.

Daniele and Yohan Have Parted Ways

After a highly dramatic on-screen journey, Daniele Gates and Yohan Geronimo have indeed decided to call it quits. Featured in the show’s fourth and fifth seasons, the couple’s journey was filled with accusations of infidelity that still remain a point of contention between the two. In the Tell All episode of season 5, Daniele stated that she was indeed filing for divorce, having already been separated from her Dominican husband for a significant amount of time.

Presently, it does not seem like Daniele or Yohan have entered a new public relationship. The former, who turned 44 in November 2023, is now a successful entrepreneur who is the owner of Yinsa, an organization dedicated to teaching yogic practices to others. She is also the mother of Thomas Vaethroeder, who now works as a comedian. Meanwhile, Yohan is seemingly still working as a fitness expert in her home country, taking on both training and management responsibilities. Both reality TV stars have gained much fame thanks to their story and seem thankful for all the support that the world has provided them with.

Julio and Kirsten Are Now Single

Julio Moya and Kirsten Yenniek form another couple from season 5 of the show whose love story, unfortunately, ended unhappily. Initially, it seemed like the reason behind the split may have been Julio’s reluctance to move away from the USA. However, in the Tell All episode of season 5, both parties accused each other of infidelity in one way or the other. Both Julio and his former Dutch partner remained firm that they were themselves loyal and that it was the other person who had cheated.

Despite everything that happened on the show, Julio’s love for traveling remains as strong as ever. In fact, he was recently in El Salvador and does not seem to be stopping his travels anytime soon. Additionally, he retains his love for food and adventure, as well as his work as a DJ, though he also works as a school safety officer. Meanwhile, Kirsten is working within the Human Resources department and has recently decided not to private her social media activity. That said, it does seem like she is leaving the Netherlands behind to enjoy the charms of Turkey and Brazil.

Holly and Wayne Have Not Shared an Update

Following their tense relationship in the TLC series, as well as the explosive conversations that took place in season 5’s Tell All, Holly Weeks and Wayne Cornish‘s relationship does seem to be on the rocks, though the couple has not shared any news regarding the same. As indicated by the duo’s recent online activity, it does seem likely that they may have parted ways for good, though it should be noted that Wayne has recently gotten off of social media.

Holly herself has been in the USA for several months, having come to the country initially to attend a funeral and then decided to stay in order to take care of her mother and pay off her credit card debt. The distance certainly did not help their relationship, especially given the apparent radio silence from Wayne. Presently, it seems like Holly continues to work within the makeup and haircare industry in Ogden, Utah, while Wayne has a plumbing business in South Africa.

Kimberly and TJ Are Still Married

Though Kimberly Rochelle and TJ Tejaswi “TJ” Goswami‘s on-screen journey was certainly not a smooth ride, the couple’s marriage is still intact, much to the joy of their fans. That said, they do have certain issues that they hope to overcome, especially concerning Kimberly’s tense relationship with her husband’s family in Jaipur, India. In fact, during the end of season 5’s Tell All episode, Kimberly stated that she was planning on not leaving for India for several months, indicating continued friction in her relationship with TJ.

While TJ’s social media still features Kimberly heavily, the reverse is not true, which has only made fans ponder more and more about their relationship. Nevertheless, the two reality TV stars do not seem to have lost their connection to the world of spirituality, having inculcated it into their professional lives. TJ himself is quite proud of his business, Healthbout, while Kimberly has an astrology and psychic-based brand called Positively Kimberly. She is also a Transformation Coach, Empowerment Speaker, and Author, as well as a self-proclaimed Psychic Medium.

Armando and Kenneth Are Looking Forward to Another Baby

Happily married, Armando Rubio and Kenneth “Kenny” Niedermeier seem to be making impressive strides in their lives, especially pertaining to their relationship and family. They remain as much in love with their children as ever, with Hannah  Rubio turning 11 in November 2023. Kenneth himself is proud of his role as a father of five children and is now also a grandfather to three. In fact, his daughter, Cassidy, is soon to have her second child, something that the whole family is excited about.

Armando and Kenny now live in Mexico City, Mexico, and seem happy to create new memories. In the TLC show’s recent Tell All, they were happy to announce that they were trying for another baby, though they were in disagreement over how many viable embryos they should use in order to maximize their chances. The couple has also appeared in seasons 2 and 3 of ’90 Day Fiancé: Pillow Talk’ and have become quite loved amongst the fans of the franchise.

Shekinah and Sarper Are Happily Together

Despite all the controversies and criticisms thrown their way, Shekinah Garner and Sarper Güven remain beside each other, content in the dynamic that they have established. That is not to say that the two do not disagree about certain topics, but that has not stopped them from being vehemently defensive against any allegations against their relationship. Not only do they seem to be enjoying their time together in Istanbul, Turkey, but they have also been documenting their lives on their shared Instagram account, having celebrated their one-year anniversary in November 2023.

Shekinah is also a mother of two, with her daughter, Sophie, studying at a boarding school. As for Sarper, it seems that he is now actively looking for the son that he talked about in the TLC show. On a more professional note, Shekinah continues to work within the cosmetics and beauty industry. The makeup artist is the proud owner of Fluorescent Skin LA and has been a licensed Aesthetician for over 23 years. Meanwhile, Sarper works as a Personal Trainer and is also active in the Medical Tourism industry.

Brandan and Mary Have Become Parents

Last but not least, we have Brandan De Nucciõ and Mary Demasu-ay, who have officially confirmed that they are still with each other. The couple’s relationship caught the attention of people across the world as they tried to build a life for themselves in the Philippines. The TLC series focused on the fact that Mary was pregnant at the time that the couple had married. We are quite excited to share that the reality TV stars now have a beautiful daughter called Midnight.

Brandan and Mary do seem to be finding their new parenthood to be a bit of a challenge, but that has not stopped them form gushing about their little bundle of joy. In the Tell All episode, they also discussed Brandan’s apparent temper issues as well as Mary’s social media activity. While the two are actively seeking solutions for the former, they seem completely fine with the status quo for the latter. While they have restarted their business, it seems like the new parents may be facing some financial issues.

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