Reportedly in Development: A ‘Black Hole’ Film and TV Show at Disney

Disney is reportedly developing a movie and TV show based on the 1979 science fiction film ‘The Black Hole.’ The movie can be a remake of the original film since the studio giant has been working on the same for years. However, it is unknown whether the series will be a sequel/prequel to the original film, a remake, or a standalone project set in the same universe. Set in 2130, Gary Nelson’s 1979 film revolves around the crew members of USS Palomino, who discover a black hole with the long-lost USS Cygnus nearby. The movie progresses through the startling revelations they encounter aboard the spacecraft.

The remake of the science-fiction film was in development at Disney in the 2010s with Joseph Kosinski, who directed ‘Tron: Legacy’ for the studio giant and Tom Cruise-starrer ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ on board to direct. Kosinski worked on a script with Jon Spaihts, who co-wrote Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ and Denis Villeneuve’s ‘Dune’ films. The project was shelved due to their script’s similarities to Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar.’

It is unknown whether Kosinski is still attached to the film in the works at Disney but the director did make it clear that he hadn’t completely ruled out the possibility of working on a movie based on the 1979 film. “I still feel like that movie is one of the most unique that Disney’s ever made, the original I mean. It’s wild. The idea of a journey to a black hole is still one of those things that is very intriguing because it’s not science fiction. They really exist, and all the effects that happen around them are real physics. So, there is a great story to be told about that journey. I just, at this point, I haven’t figured out what that would be for me yet,” Kosinski told TheWrap.

As far as the series is concerned, the details regarding the same are under wraps. Regardless of the subject of the show, it is clear that Disney is committed to turning ‘The Black Hole’ into a franchise. Disney’s interest in the 1979 film was evident when the studio giant released the same on Disney+ and in Blu-ray in 2019.

Although ‘The Black Hole’ wasn’t well-received by the critics at the time of its release, it was praised for its production quality. The film was nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects. Since then, it has been lauded as a cult classic among science fiction fans. The cast of the film includes Maximilian Schell (‘The Man in the Glass Booth’), Anthony Perkins (Alfred Hitchcock‘s ‘Psycho’), Robert Forster (‘Jackie Brown’), Joseph Bottoms (‘The Dove’), Yvette Mimieux (‘The Time Machine’), Ernest Borgnine (‘Marty’), etc.

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