A Cowboy Christmas Romance: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

Helmed by director Jake Helgren, ‘A Cowboy Christmas Romance’ takes us on a ride to the desert ranches of Arizona with Lexie Crenshaw, a real estate agent pursuing a career-defining deal. While Lexie is indomitable as a professional, she is reluctant to visit the ranch in Tubac, as it will mean returning to a hometown she swore never to. Lexie finds herself wooing a Cowboy, Coby Mason, into selling his family land while navigating a reunion with her 10-year-estranged brothers and father. Despite her bias, the town begins to grow on her as she develops a romance with Coby, mends relationships with her dysfunctional family, and is left questioning her life choices. Watching the big city girl get charmed by the rustic allure of her hometown and its people, you may wonder if the romantic Lifetime movie was actually filmed in Tubac, and who the actors behind its charismatic personalities are.

Where Was A Cowboy Christmas Romance Filmed?

‘A Cowboy Christmas Romance’ was filmed in the canonically accurate locations of Tupac and Patagonia, in the state of Arizona. Reports suggest that the principal photography was carried out in June 2023. Allow us to take you to the specific filming sites used in setting the scenes for ‘A Cowboy Christmas Romance.’

Tubac, Arizona

Seated within Santa Cruz County in the heart of Arizona, Tubac is the destination for our protagonist and her hometown, thereby being the site for a majority of the movie’s filming. Scenes featuring a ranch in Tubac were lensed in the Rancho San Cayetano at 31 Santa Gertrudis Lane, a ranch along the Santa Cruz River for horse boarding, with trails for horseback riding along the hilly landscape. The establishment’s pastures, and farmhouse are featured as a part of scenes to portray the ranch and home seen in ‘A Cowboy Christmas Romance.’ Known for its rustic charm and captivating desert landscapes, Tubac exudes the essence of the Old West. The town’s surrounding vistas of sprawling deserts, majestic mountains, and vast open spaces create a picturesque setting, evoking a sense of adventure and romance. As such the town has found itself featuring in films and shows like, ‘Naked and Afraid,’ ‘The High Chaparral,’ ‘Tin Cup,’  and ‘Murphy’s Romance.’

Patagonia, Arizona

Nestled in southern Arizona, east of Tubac, filming took place in and around the small town of Patagonia. The town’s historic buildings and quaint streets, reminiscent of a bygone era, provide an authentic atmosphere for the film’s storytelling. The rugged beauty of the Sonoran Desert, dotted with mesquite trees and framed by stunning mountain ranges, creates an ambiance perfect for Lexie and Coby’s romance. The film crew set up shop at the Wolf Nest Ranch bordering the town as well as Stage Stop Inn at 303 McKeown Avenue, capturing scenes of a gritty oasis between untamed lands. The team also shot at the Spirit Tree Inn B&B Hotel at 3 Harshaw Creek Road. The location features a fenced pasture and a simplistic picturesque red wooden structure seen in the movie. While not widely acknowledged as a primary filming hub, Patagonia’s timeless allure, evocative scenery, and historical charm offer filmmakers an authentic canvas to create memorable cinematic experiences. The town has been used as a backdrop in films and series like ‘Tombstone,’ ‘Little House on the Prairie,’ ‘Bonanza,’ ‘McLintock!,’ ‘The Big Country,’ and ‘The Outlaw Josey Wales.’

A Cowboy Christmas Romance Cast

The holiday film is headlined by Jana Kramer and Adam Senn, as Lexie and Coby. You may have seen Jana Kramer essaying the roles of Alex Dupré in ‘One Tree Hill,’ Noelle Davenport in ‘Friday Night Lights,’ Brooke Manning in ‘Entourage,’ and Chloe Marquee in ‘A Welcome Home Christmas.’ Adam Senn is a Texan actor who you may have seen in ‘Dinner Party’ as Taylor, ‘Hit the Floor’ as Zero, and ‘Charlie, and Trevor, and a Girl Savannah’ as Marty.

Supporting cast members include Mary-Margaret Humes as Millie Mason, Bruce Thomas as Harrison Crenshaw, Max Ehrich as Jack Crenshaw, Reagan Marum as Abby Mason, Dominique Toney as Simone Hayes, Sterling Jones as Walton Crenshaw, Cassie Randolph as Michelle, Matt Hish as Suit, Lisa Lee as Jan, and Curt Mega as Dave.

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