A Greek Recipe for Romance: Filming Locations and Cast Details

‘A Greek Recipe for Romance’ introduces us to Abby, who is facing challenges when she takes a trip to Greece to visit her mother. While pondering upon what she will do after her trip, Abby meets a talented local chef, Theo. Hearing about his passion for cooking and dream of opening his own restaurant, Abby offers her help in setting it up. While initially reluctant, Theo accepts her offer, and the two get to work on establishing a restaurant while exploring the stunning Greek countryside together. The Hallmark romantic comedy is based on ‘Desperately Seeking Summer’ by author Mandy Baggot. Helmed by Colin Theys, the film treats us to a serene visual gallery that may have fans wondering where its shooting actually took place.

A Greek Recipe for Romance Filming Locations

As advertised in the title, ‘A Greek Recipe for Romance’ was shot in the southeastern European country. The production team traveled to Syros, Athens, Thorikos, and Stamata to capture the backdrops seen in the film. Principal photography began in late June 2023 and was wrapped up by July 10, 2023. During shooting, the movie was tentatively titled ‘A Greek Recipe for Love.’ Many of the crew members shot the movie back to back with ‘My Father’s Murder in Greece.’

Syros, Greece

Southeast of mainland Greece, the film crew ventured to the island of Syros to capture some of the most breathtaking scenes and unique backdrops seen in the film. Syros is part of the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea and is known for neoclassical architecture, colorful mansions, and a bustling harbor. When Abby, Theo, and Cassia are conversing in a quaint street with antiquated shops flanking them, the segment is shot in the commercial district of Syros. Scenes of the characters walking alongside the seaside walkway are also captured in Syros. Furthermore, the movie boasts jaw-dropping establishing shots featuring Syros’ azure-blue waters and tightly packed whitewashed buildings.

Athens, Greece

The capital city of Greece became a filming site for some sequences of ‘A Greek Recipe for Romance.’ Known as the cradle of Western civilization, it is home to historical landmarks such as the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the Ancient Agora. While the movie features more of a rural Greek landscape, many of its shooting sites are located around the bustling metropolis.

Thorikos, Greece

One of the oldest towns in Greece, Thorikos was visited by the cast and crew to capture the scene of Abby and Theo visiting the ancient stone amphitheater as sparks fly between them. The site is actually the Ancient Theatre of Thorikos, the town’s primary attraction alongside the ruins of Mycenaean and classical period structures with scenic coastal views.

Stamata, Greece

The quaint village of Stamata is the filming location for the film’s awe-inspiring landscape cinematography that covers lush green expanses and rolling terrain. Located just outside of Athens, its peaceful rural atmosphere and vineyards can be seen as Theo and Abby ride through them on a scooter. That particular scene was captured at the Kokotos Estate, situated on the outskirts of Stamata. Furthermore, one of the restaurants the two visit is the real-life To Koutouki Tis Stamatas, located at 25 Martiou 13.

A Greek Recipe for Romance Cast

The Hallmark movie is led by Danielle C. Ryan, who steps into the role of Abby. The California-born actress started her acting career at the age of seven as Lea in ‘Little Secrets.’ She is known for her roles as Thing One in ‘The Cat in the Hat,’ Sara Asher in ‘Haunt,’ Emma in ‘Love Finds You in Charm,’ and Alena in ‘Riot.’ You may have also seen her in ‘Night Train,’ ‘Deadly Yoga Retreat,’ ‘Double Threat,’ and ‘Mistletoe Mixup.’

Starring alongside her is Rafael Kariotakis as Theo. Rafael is a Greek model who made his acting debut with ‘A Greek Recipe for Romance.’ Argyris Gaganis is a seasoned Greek actor who takes on the role of Nikolas in the film. His other credits include the TV series ‘Homicide Unit Istanbul,’ ‘I magissa,’ ‘Ilios,’ and ‘Aggeliki.’

Peru Kavalieri is an experienced actress who stars as Jackie in the film. Her performances can also be seen in ‘The Eye’ as Vivi, ‘The American Connection’ as Deborah, and ‘Days of Our Lives’ as Nurse Amber. Other supporting actors include Nikolas Makris as Dimitris, Vaggelis Papadakis as Yannis, and Christina Barlogianni as Cassia.

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