Lifetime’s A Model Murder: Filming Locations and Cast Explored

With Amy Barrett at the helm, ‘A Model Murder’ introduces us to Kara Woods, a model on the brink of launching her acting career who becomes the target of a dangerous stalker seeking to harm her. Kara has made a name for herself in the modeling industry by rising through the ranks on a popular fan site. Just as she is making preparations for her entry into the world of cinema, Kara receives threatening messages from someone who appears to be stalking her. While disturbed, the model carries on with her work normally.

Things take a turn for the worst when her stalker shows up in person, and her life devolves into a fight for survival. The Lifetime thriller movie transports us to the glamorous life of Kara Woods as the model begins working towards her acting career. Her surroundings range from posh mansions and upscale neighborhoods to private jets, likely sparking curiosity regarding the real-world shooting locations behind the film.

Where Was A Model Murder Filmed?

‘A Model Murder’ was shot using studios and filming sites across Los Angeles County, California. Principal photography began in mid-November 2023 under the tentative title ‘Online Killer,’ and was wrapped up by mid-December of the same year. Let us take a closer look at how some of the scenes and settings of the film were created by the production team.

Los Angeles County, California

Led by Amy Barrett, the film crew of ‘A Model Murder’ set up shop in a few different locations around Los Angeles County, employing specialized filming sites to efficiently carry out the production process. Their journey took them to shooting sites in the Sun Valley neighborhood within San Fernando Valley and to the city of Pomona in eastern Los Angeles County.

The majority of ‘A Model Murder’ was shot using the facilities of the Villa Serena filming property at 8455 La Tuna Canyon Road in Sun Valley. Located in the San Fernando Valley region, the studio is surrounded by arid, hilly terrain, which can be seen in a few outdoor shots of the movie. The studio itself offers more than 10,000 square feet of interior space, which includes an extensive array of standing sets. The sets are built to accommodate frequently used backdrops in movies, featuring courtrooms, hospital rooms, a charming restaurant complete with a fully stocked bar, a bullpen office, a motel exterior, and an interrogation room cleverly designed to double as a jail cell.

For the production of ‘A Model Murder,’ the film crew took advantage of several of these standing sets, utilizing spaces like the kitchen area, bedroom, living room, and outdoor areas. As an added-on feature, the studio even offers a private jet set, which was used in scenes for the movie. The studio has become a sought-after location for various productions, frequently featured in Lifetime projects. Some notable mentions include ‘Crowdsource Murder,’ ‘Unfriended: The Dark Web,’ ‘Searching,’ and ‘To Kill a Stepfather.’

Pomona, California

The bustling urban landscape of Pomona also appears in ‘A Model Murder,’ and the movie crew made use of filming properties located here to depict Kara’s neighborhood. The city was formed as an agricultural hub in the late 19th century and named after the Roman goddess of fruits, Pomona. More recently, the city has become known for its picturesque suburban atmosphere, arts and culture scene, educational institutions, and vibrant working environment.

A Model Murder Cast

Sara Ball headlines the film as Kara, alongside Austin Valli as Cody. Sara is an up-and-coming actress who has also essayed Emily in ‘Dognapped: Hound for the Holidays,’ Kelly in ‘Underneath the Same Moon,’ Leslie Stewart in ‘Buried in the Backyard,’ and Sarah in ‘Stroke of Luck.’ A model and actor from Alexandria, Virginia, Austin Valli nurtured his interest in cinema with film and broadcasting degrees from Pennsylvania State and Clemson University. He landed his first movie role as Michael in Amazon Prime’s romantic comedy, ‘Moving Valentine.’ He has also worked in the Lifetime movie ‘A Roommate to Die for,’ acting out Jeremy.

The Atlanta-based actor Ben VanderMey puts on the garb of Gabriel. Ben was a versatile athlete before he discovered his passion for acting, and he has since racked up a long list of movie credits. Ben is best known for his performance as Bartender Chris in ‘Sistas,’ Zachary Hawthorne in ‘House of Cards,’ and Brian Riggs in ‘I’m Not Ashamed.’ You may have also seen him in ‘Lies My Babysitter Told’ as Nick, ‘The Paramedic Who Stalked Me’ as Officer Parris, and ‘Christmas Love Letter’ as Joseph Harrington.

Supporting cast members include Molly Gibson as Emily, Jean Charles as Dexter, Silvia Baldassini as Parker, Philip Cole as Norris, Nancy Harding as Bea, John J. Jordan as Bobby, Kijsa Gifford as Maxine, and Jenny Tran as Executive Hannah. Other cast members seen in the film are Erik Celso Mann as Doorman, Beccy Quinn as Executive Jane, Mark Curtis Ferrando as Producer, Ricardo Ortiz-Barreto as Talking Head, Sandy Francis as Social Media Cindy, and Natalia Rodríguez and Leila Woods as Girls.

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