Crowdsource Murder: All Filming Locations and Cast Details

With Brittany Underwood in the director’s chair, ‘Crowdsource Murder’ thrusts us into an unexpected and suspenseful journey with Monica, after her daughter sustains injuries in an accident. Encouraged by a supportive friend, Monica decides to lessen the financial strain of mounting hospital bills by initiating a crowdsource fund. The plot takes a riveting turn as a handsome man named Noah starts generously contributing substantial amounts to the fund. While initially grateful for Noah’s apparent altruism, Monica soon begins to question his true motives as his donations escalate.

The Lifetime movie narrates a cautionary tale that goes beyond the surface of a simple fundraising effort, evolving into a psychological thriller. The film addresses themes of vulnerability, the impact of unforeseen events, and the unpredictable nature of human behavior. Following Monica’s plight through an increasingly picturesque suburban environment may leave one curious about the on-location spots chosen for filming the movie.

Where was Crowdsource Murder Filmed?

‘Crowdsource Murder’ was filmed in Los Angeles, particularly, at a movie studio in Sun Valley. Principal photography began in late September of 2023 and was wrapped up in a few weeks by October 3, of the same year. The Lifetime movie was tentatively titled ‘Crowdsource’ during filming and inspired a lively atmosphere for the cast and crew. “This movie was suuppeerrr fun to make, so many laughs, so grateful!” wrote director Underwood in a caption of a picture she shared on her social media account. “Cast, crew, producers, everyone was amazing!” Let us take you to the specific sites chosen to create the thriller movie.

Los Angeles, California

Filming for ‘Crowdsource Murder’ took place primarily in The Villa Serena movie studios in the Sun Valley neighborhood of northern Los Angeles. Located at 8455 La Tuna Canyon Road, The Villa Serena Filming Location contains various standing sets over 10,000 square feet of interior space. Some of the featured sets include a bullpen office, a courtroom set, a hospital set, a restaurant with a bar, an interrogation room doubling as a jail cell, a motel exterior, an elevator set, and a private wilderness area.

For ‘Crowdsource Murder,’ the filmmakers utilized a number of standing sets, including the kitchen area, bedroom, living room, hospital, and office, among others. Once rented, the entire property with all its sets and props can be made use of by the film crew, with a few exceptions like jets, cars, and a subway coach available separately. The studio is frequently featured in local productions and holiday movies including, ‘Holly Day,’ ‘Unfriended the Dark Web,’ ‘Searching,’ and several Lifetime flicks.

Located in the San Fernando Valley, the production facility is one among several diverse production facilities found in the City of Angels. From small standing sets and warehouses to the sophisticated sound stages of Warner Brothers, the beating heart of Hollywood accommodates any filming requirements imaginable. Particularly for films like ‘Crowdsource Murder,’ which are lensed in the San Fernando Valley, filmmakers are treated to a captivating backdrop of undulating landscape interspersed with hills and valleys, adding depth to their scenes.

Crowdsource Murder Cast

‘Crowdsource Murder’ features Nicole Weber in the garb of Monica. Nicole trained for acting from an early age and starred in her first movie, ‘Stalked by My Stepsister,’ essaying Maureen Delisle. Taking up the role of Noah is veteran actor James Hyde, known for his work in ‘The Young and the Restless’ as Jeremy Stark. He garnered fame with his performance of Martin Ross in ‘Monarca,’ Sam Bennett in ‘Passions,’ and Mafioso in ‘La Reina del Sur.’ Supporting cast members shoring up the Lifetime film include Francesca Barker McCormick as Rebecca, Emrhys Cooper as Brian, and Aryè Campos as Charlotte. Francesca can be spotted in ‘Christmas at the Amish Bakery’ and ‘Falling for the Competition.’

Emrhys Cooper is an experienced actor whom you may have seen in ‘Person of Interest,’ ‘Desperate Housewives,’ ‘CSI: NY,’ and ‘Mamma Mia!.’ Aryè Campos features in ‘Rio Connection,’ ‘Passport to Freedom,’ ‘Deadly Garage Sale,’ and ‘The Nutty Boy.’ Aside from the aforementioned cast members, other actors involved in the production are Clark Moore as Jack, Lexi Minetree as Shannon, Del Harrison as Sue, Terry Woodberry as Peter, Louie Chapman as Server, and Gabe O’Brien as Police Officer. The movie also features Miju Kim Pascual as Dr. Jean Woo, Jared DeBusk as Bill, Tiana Bes as Guest 1, and Sean Parks as Guest 2.

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