Is Lifetime’s Stalked by My Stepsister Inspired by a True Story?

Hiding something sinister and dark behind her welcoming and seemingly perfect personality is exactly what the stepsister of 17-year-old Maddy Andrews does in Lifetime’s ‘Stalked by My Stepsister,’ a thriller mystery film helmed by John Burd and Logan Giese. However, Maddy doesn’t realize the same in the early stages as she believes her new stepsister to be loving and warm-hearted. Soon, when reality catches up with the teenager and she finds out the dark truth about the new family member, she is forced to take some needful steps to protect not only herself but also her mother.

If Maddy fails to do so, she and her mother would just be the latest additions to the long list of her stepsister’s victims. Originally titled ‘Her Stepsister,’ the movie touches upon some relevant themes and elements, including two-faced people, which are brought to life by the impressive performances from Eva Igo, Christa Rose, Kiki Yellam, and Tyler Noble. Thus, it is understandable for you to pose the question — Is ‘Stalked by My Stepsister’ rooted in reality or not? Well, let’s explore the same in detail, shall we?

Stalked by My Stepsister Not Inspired by True Events

No, ‘Stalked by My Stepsister’ is not based on a true story. As a matter of fact, the script is the creative child of the two screenwriters — John Burd and Chip Waldron — both of whom seemingly made the most of their knowledge and experience in the genre, along with their excellent penmanship and inspiration from a few real-life stories they heard about. Since Burd has previously worked on many films, such as ‘Friends Who Kill,’ ‘A Date with Danger,’ and ‘Party from Hell,’ of the same genre, he collaborated with Waldron to weave intriguing plotlines as well as some interesting characters.

The theme of an untrustworthy step-sibling who is not as they seem to be is experienced in real life by many and has been relevant in many movies and TV shows over the years. For example, in September 2022, the police arrested a 14-year-old boy for murdering his stepsister near their Michigan home. The body of the 10-year-old victim, Na’Mylah Turner-Moore, was found in an abandoned lot on the same block where she lived.

Such themes and elements might resonate more with those who have watched several similar thrillers, but there is one particular thriller film that seems to be strikingly similar — ‘Sinister Stepsister.’ The 2022 John Murlowski directorial revolves around Jeff Mitchell whose seemingly picture-perfect life turns upside down when her estranged daughter, Carlee, knocks on his door as she attempts to uncover the truth about her biological father. When she comes into the life of Jeff and his kids, Carlee appears to be a loving stepsister while something sinister brews inside of her. Since the two movies in question have several parallels in terms of subject matter and some characters, ‘Stalked by My Stepsister’ might seem like a familiar tale to many, but the fact that it is fictional remains the same.

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