A Taste of Love: Where Was the Hallmark Movie Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

With Michael E. Brown and Conrad De La Torres III at the helm, ‘A Taste of Love’ follows the TV chef, Taylor, as she visits her hometown and comes upon a crossroads in her life. Taylor is a Network TV star in a cooking show, and despite the lucrative position, she is unsatisfied with the work. Only able to make finger food for the camera, the chef wishes to explore other expressions for her cooking. When Taylor returns to her hometown, two occurrences open a new path for her life.

Taylor meets up with a childhood sweetheart, catching up and rediscovering their magic, and also discovers that her family restaurant is in dire straits. Parallelly, she receives a tempting offer for a new show, but one that will take her further from her roots. With little time to choose, Taylor has to make up her mind between a loving, hindrance-free home environment or a path of wealth and fame. The Hallmark romantic comedy explores a range of urban and natural environments, from breezy beaches and verdant farms to quaint streets and rustic locales. With such intriguing backdrops, one may inquire about the movie’s shooting locations.

A Taste of Love Filming Locations

‘A Taste of Love’ was filmed across the coastal regions in Pinellas County, Florida. Principal photography began on July 13, 2021, and was wrapped up by August 2, 2021. The Florida backdrop was determined by the writer-directors Conrad De La Torres III and Michael E. Brown, inspired by the beauty and cuisine, of the Tampa Bay area. Let us take a closer look at the filming sites utilized in the film.

Pinellas County, Florida

Over the course of three weeks, the production team, led by the Tampa-based independent film company Digital Caviar, meticulously captured the essence of Dunedin and its surrounding areas. The choice to film in the Clearwater area was deliberate, as the filmmakers recognized the beauty of the region, the welcoming atmosphere, and the abundance of talented crew members in Pinellas County. Throughout the movie, we are treated to glimpses of iconic local establishments such as Sea Sea Riders, Fenway Hotel, and the Wild Iris Café, adding a touch of local charm and authenticity to the narrative.

‘A Taste of Love’ beautifully captures the natural splendor of Pinellas County, with scenes filmed at Clearwater Beach, Edgewater Park, and along the scenic Pinellas Trail. These breathtaking locations provide the perfect backdrop for pivotal moments in Taylor’s life, highlighting the conflict between her glamorous career in the city and the serene simplicity of her hometown.

Michael E. Brown and Conrad De La Torres III expressed their desire to showcase the area’s unique vibrance and exquisite foods, capturing the essence of its stunning architecture, romantic beaches, and dramatic sunsets. “I could gather my team and shoot anywhere in the country but I choose Pinellas County for the friendly work environment, beauty of the area, and talented crew here in Florida,” said producer Schmidt in an interview.

A Taste of Love Cast

Erin Cahill takes the lead by stepping into the role of Taylor. The seasoned actress is recognized for her work in ‘Power Rangers Time Force’ as Jennifer Scotts while reprising her role as Felicity in ‘Red Widow.’ Erin’s credits also include ‘Sleepy Hollow,’ ‘Cut to the Chase,’ and ‘Christmas on Cherry Lane.’ Starring alongside her is Jesse Kove, essaying the childhood sweetheart, Jacob. Jesse stepped into filmmaking in the footsteps of his father, Martin Kove, who also appears in the movie. Jesse can be seen in productions like ‘D-Day: Battle of Omaha Beach,’ ‘Cobra Kai,’ ‘On Wings of Eagles,’ and ‘Magnum P.I.’ Happy to have a chance to work alongside his son, veteran actor Martin Kove plays Chef Glenn.

Kove first garnered fame with his work as John Kreese in the 1984 ‘The Karate Kid.’ He reprised this role in its sequels and later in ‘Cobra Kai.’ You may have also seen him appearing in movies like ‘Rambo: First Blood Part II,’ ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,’ and ‘Criminal Minds.’ Supporting cast members include Susan Gallagher as Patty Rider, Ashley Dulaney as Linda, Darla Delgado as Mrs. Smithers, Tymberlee Hill as Jessica, Steve Heinz as Restaurant Patron, Jody Pucello as Food Critic, and Jim R. Coleman as The Mayor. Other cast members are Lily Jane as Young Taylor, Sasha Andreev as Jordan, Demián Castro as Mr. Thompson, Meghan Colleen Moroney as Kathy, and Stephen Coe as Chef Coe.

Also appearing are Yasmine Ryback as Annette Fisher, Jeremy King as Tom, Ali Macaulay as Sarah, Taylin Hamlin as Hotel Guest, David Velez as Pappi O Brien, Christian Richardson as Bartender, Jan Neuberger as Grandma Lee, Callum Smith as Young Jacob, Adam Hose as Tim, and Mary Leonard as Park festival patron. Filling further roles are Katerina Lecourezos as Shopper, J.M. Rousseau as David, Rebecca Paone as Bar Patron, Rita Buchan as Crowd observer, Gia Yee as Food Critic / Judge, Rod Grant as Waiter, and Ross Ostrom as Bartender.

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