Are Aaron and Justin From Surviving Paradise Still Friends?

While it’s true Netflix’s ‘Surviving Paradise’ brought forth some incredible connections despite being a survival competition series, the purest one was between Aaron Blake Chambers and Justin Assad. After all, they were by each other’s side every step of the way, arguably making their admitted bromance better than the actual romance between lovebirds Taylor Brielle Olympios and Shea Foster. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about it — with a particular focus on both their experiences together as well as their current possible standing — we’ve got all the necessary details for you.

Aaron and Justin’s Surviving Paradise Journey

Although we don’t know much regarding Aaron and Justin’s first interaction considering they met before the cameras even started rolling to step into this production together, it’s clear they vibed instantly. Amongst them was actually Tabitha Sloane too, who made it clear from the get-go they were in it for the prize money alone, which the men obviously backed since $100,000 (later $200,000) is a lot. It thus comes as no surprise that once they learned the game they were really playing, they immediately allied to ensure at least one of them would be at the top at all times — hence rose Team TAJ.

Tabitha Sloane, Aaron Blake Chambers, and Justin Assad

However, Tabitha immediately took the lead to make it clear they should work towards sending them into the villa from camp, only for the men not to argue because they both believed it would work. TAJ’s plan was to ensure their trusted individual became an insider, following which they’d gradually crumble different alliances from within to let Aaron, Justin, or both step in too, yet nothing transpired. Instead, Tabitha got into a verbal altercation with Lellise Santiago on her first full day up in luxury, which obviously did affect their teammates as it diminished their chances through pure association.

Yet Aaron and Justin stuck by them even without any active communication because they genuinely felt they could trust them just as much as they trusted one another, just for it to slowly change. It began with Tabitha basically using a golden ticket into the villa on Copan Combs rather than either of them, followed by the news they were claiming they were ready to give Justin the boot. The truth is that by this point, the tables had turned — Tabitha was in camp, whereas the men were in luxury after nine days of patience and selflessness — so they made clear TAJ was over for good.

Regardless, the one thing that never wavered throughout this period was Aaron and Justin’s check-ins with each other, their strategizing, and their just hanging out as “brothers.” They even shared a room in the villa to really undergo this experience together. Therefore, of course, the former was heartbroken when they were finally separated mere days before the finale, with the latter getting kicked down to camp in a voting session twist no one saw coming. But then he followed suit a day later, only for them both to be eliminated the next evening despite the fact they were arguably two of the strongest players owing to their care, genuinity, kindness, and selflessness.

Are Aaron and Justin Still Friends?

Yes, of course! ‘Surviving Paradise’ may have been filmed in 2022, yet the relationship Aaron and Justin managed to build within this once-in-a-lifetime endeavor clearly knows no bounds like time or distance. We’re actually sure about this because not only did they endure a lot in the series to bond, but they also follow one another on Instagram, consistently like uploads, and post really supportive comments too. Now, the Microsoft consultant isn’t as active on social media as the corporate executive turned model, but he never wastes any opportunity to hype up his best friend, as made evident below.

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