Aaron Eckhart’s Deep Water Begins Production Later This Year in New Zealand

The filming of Aaron Eckhart-starrer survival thriller film ‘Deep Water’ is scheduled to begin in New Zealand later this year. The movie centers on an international flight from Los Angeles to Shanghai, which takes a nightmarish turn when it is forced to make an emergency landing in shark-infested waters. The passengers onboard, hailing from different corners of the world, now face a terrifying battle for survival. Stranded in the open sea, they must overcome their differences and work together to escape the sinking plane and evade the relentless sharks circling the wreckage.

As the narrative progresses further, the passengers’ unity becomes crucial in the face of imminent danger. Forced to confront their deepest fears, they embark on a desperate struggle against nature and time. The tension escalates as they fight not only to stay afloat but also to outsmart the predatory sharks, making the film a pulse-pounding cinematic experience while promising audiences an adrenaline-fueled journey into the depths of human resilience and survival instincts.

The movie is directed by Renny Harlin, who previously helmed ‘Die Hard 2’ and ‘Deep Blue Sea.’ His recent credits include Pierce Brosnan-starrer ‘The Misfits.’ He recently completed the production of the slasher film series ‘The Strangers,’ which comprises three films. Harlin is helming the project based on a screenplay by Pete Bridges, who is making his debut as a screenwriter with the movie. The director’s upcoming films also include Eckhart-led action thriller ‘The Bricklayer.’

Harlin has expressed his excitement, stating, “My most significant achievements have come from working with planes and sharks. Bringing these two thrilling elements together in a character-driven action-adventure is a dream realized. I’m eagerly anticipating taking the audience on the most terrifying plane ride they’ve ever experienced. It’s a pleasure to team up with my old friends Gene and Gary, and I can’t wait to soar through the friendly skies with them.”

The Dark Knight’ fame Eckhart headlines the cast of the film. He was last seen in ‘Rumble Through the Dark,’ in which he plays Jack Boucher. The actor also lends his voice to Cary in AMC+/Amazon Prime Video’s animated series ‘Pantheon.’ His recent credits include Jake Rosser in ‘Muzzle,’ Capitaine Drummond in ‘Ambush,’ Gerald Ford in ‘The First Lady,’ etc. Joining him are other exciting performers such as Kelly Gale (‘Plane’), Richard Crouchley (‘Evil Dead Rise’), Madeleine West (‘Neighbours,’ ‘Predestination,’ and ‘The Condemned’), etc.

New Zealand has long been a burgeoning hub for film and television productions. The latest addition to its impressive roster as a filming location is this year’s horror blockbuster ‘Evil Dead Rise.’ Stay tuned for more updates as the waters of the country’s coasts start stirring for the movie’s production soon.

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