15 Actresses From the 90s Who Get Better With Age

Hollywood is never short of acting prowess or pretty faces. However, not very many make it in tinsel town, it is a tough business and consistency is a prized achievement that these actresses have. They have amazed us with their acting and charmed us with their beauty and they continue to do so after all these years, the older they get the better they seem to become – almost like fine wine. Here is a list of top fifteen actresses from the 1990s who are only getting better with age.

1. Monica Bellucci

This Italian born actress has been turning heads ever since she appeared on screen. She quite literally did it in her film Malena and has probably been doing it all through her life. Now at fifty three she still remains one of the most beautiful women in the world. It is not every day that a woman gets selected as a Bond girl, but Monica Bellucci managed it even at the age of fifty one, and she managed to look even more stunning. She firmly deserves her place at the top of this list and will probably remain there for a few more years to come.

2. Salma Hayek

Born in Mexico, Salma Hayek broke into Hollywood and grabbed mainstream media’s attention with her role in Frida. And the camera has not been able to get enough of her since. At fifty-one she still retains the power to make people go gaga over her and the elegance and grace with which this beautiful lady has carried herself only seems to have magnified over time. We hope to see more of Hayek on screen than we have recently, for she is simply delightful to watch.

3. Kate Winslet

This English born actress was best known for playing roles in period dramas but we shall forever remember the beautiful Rose in Titanic. Winslet charmed us to the extent that all men fell head over heels in love with the character she played. Her acting and her beauty has only gotten better since. She reappeared in contemporary films in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind where she again effortlessly charmed us and has only gone on from strength to strength, with probably one of her finest performances coming in The Reader. At forty-two Kate Winslet remains one of the most beautiful women we have had the fortune of seeing on screen and perhaps she will grace us with her talent and beauty in a few more films in the future.

4. Penelope Cruz

This Spanish born actress appeared on screen at the very young age of sixteen. However it was only much later that she appeared in Hollywood movies and once she did there was no stopping her. With a wide variety of movies under her belt she is the only Spanish actress to have a star in the Hollywood walk of fame. An altruist, a fashion designer, a talented actress and an incredibly beautiful woman – Penelope Cruz has got it all. Married to Javier Bardem and forty three years old now, Penelope Cruz remains one of the most attractive and talented women in the movie business.

5. Cameron Diaz

This California born actress is the highest paid actress in Hollywood over forty. That is saying something and is a testament to her consistency in her roles and in her looks. Diaz rose to fame and did a variety of movies including quite a few notable ones like Being John Malkovich and Vanilla Sky. This beautiful lady who was one of Charlie’s Angels has only managed to add even more beauty and poise with age and at forty-five remains one of the most attractive women of Hollywood.

6. Charlize Theron

Born in South Africa, Charlize Theron burst onto the scene and stole the show so to speak. With a formidable repertoire of films under her belt including The Devil’s Advocate, Mad Max and Monster which won her several accolades and acclaim, Theron is one of the most influential people in the show business today. She produced the recent Netflix show Mindhunter with David Fincher. As if all this were not enough, she remains at the same time an incredibly gorgeous lady and age has only added more beauty to her. Theron, at forty-two is probably deserves the title of atomic blonde (after her role in the movie of the same name) for combining talent and beauty so effectively.

7. Cate Blanchett

Born in Australia, Cate Blanchett was meant for the arts. An extremely talented lady with several awards in her name, she started out in theater but soon took to the big screen. The big screen loved her back as well and she has several critical and commercial successes to boast of. At forty eight Blanchett recently appeared in Thor: Ragnarok, and the years just seem to slip away. An extremely attractive lady and more importantly one of the most talented actresses in the iundustry, Blanchett has retained an enviable consistency throughout her career.

8. Jennifer Aniston

An American born actress, she is probably best known as Rachel from the sitcom FRIENDS. However, Aniston’s acting prowess doesn’t stop there. She has starred in several successful films like Bruce Almighty, We’re the Millers and Horrible Bosses. At forty eight Jennifer Aniston looks absolutely stunning and although she has not appeared in any movies recently one should definitely check her out on We’re the Millers to understand why we say that she’s gotten better with age.

9. Courteney Cox

I have consciously put the two friends together on the list. Courteney Cox, born in Alabama is best known for her role with Jennifer Aniston in the hit sitcom FRIENDS. Cox who played Monica Geller won our hearts as the adorable girl who was obsessively clean. Cox has since then acted in a few films but has more or less in recent times slipped out of the limelight when it comes to movies. However, the one thing that has not gone away with all the years is her beauty and at fifty three she can still knock them dead with her looks.

10. Sharon Stone

This American born actress is perhaps best known for her role in Basic Instinct. She has an impressive list of performances apart from this which includes Scorsese’s Casino. However, it was in Basic Instinct, as the cold sociopathic author, that Stone became an international sex symbol. Now, with her age she has not lost any of the flair she commanded in her youth. If possible, she has become even more attractive and it goes without saying that at fifty nine Sharon Stone could still make people drool over her with just her looks.

11. Angelina Jolie

This American born actress is known not only for her extremely good looks which at one time made her the hottest woman in Hollywood but more importantly for her various roles in an extensive array of films and for her humanitarian nature. A part of the power couple of Hollywood titled Brangelina, which was Brad Pitt and her, she is still one of the most attractive people in the show business. At forty-two she recently got out of her marriage with Brad and with her killer looks there’s a high possibility that prospective suitors will be lining up to try to woo this gorgeous actress.

12. Michelle Pfeiffer

This American born actress broke out with her role in Scarface where Al Pacino’s character promptly fell for her. And she has been on the rise ever since. With notable movies under her belt including Married to the Mob, Dangerous Liasons and the recently released Murder on the Orient Express, Pfeiffer has played a wide array of roles. She turned heads with her leather outfit as catwoman and with time, she has only grown more beautiful to merit a firm spot on this list even at the age of fifty nine.

13. Julia Roberts

This American actress was voted the world’s most beautiful woman five times. That says something about her. But it isn’t just her looks, or her smile which I guarantee will floor most people. She is above all an extremely talented and versatile actress, a fact that has been made evident by the numerous movies she starred in. Now at fifty, she remains one of the most notable names of Hollywood and one of the prettiest faces one could have the fortune of encountering.

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14. Nicole Kidman

This Australian born actress made a name in Hollywood with a huge number of successful films. Kidman’s versatility and discerning eyes for movies is evident in the fact that she has starred in several successful independent movies as well including Dogville. Her commercial and critical success make her extremely noteworthy and I suppose it is just the cherry on the cake that she looks extremely fabulous – always has, and now at fifty, still continues to stun audiences and cameras alike with her timeless beauty.

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15. Julianne Moore

A prolific American actress, she is best known for her troubled roles in movies. She has been an extremely active actress since the 1990s with a broad repertoire of films under her belt. Besides, she also writes children’s books. Moreover, she manages to look fantastic as she effortlessly balances multiple talents. At fifty-six Julianne Moore still very much remains in the central spotlight of show business, delivering fantastic performances and charming us effortlessly at the same time.

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