Agent Elvis Season 1 Ending, Explained: Does Elvis Die?

Netflix’s ‘Agent Elvis’ is an adult animated comedy series that reimagines history with the titular singer going on several adventures as a spy. It is co-created by Priscilla Presley and John Eddie. The series features the voice of Matthew McConaughey as Elvis Presley, the world-famous singer recruited by TCB, a secret spy agency operated by the shady Commander (Don Cheadle). During his missions, Elvis and his entourage come across a supersonic device threatening to claim millions of lives. If you are wondering how Elvis navigates the dangerous situation and what the future holds for the singer/spy, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Agent Elvis’ season 1! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Agent Elvis Season 1 Recap

‘Agent Elvis’ starts with Elvis Presley preparing for his comeback music special for NBC in 1968. However, Elvis gets involved in some vigilante activities with his pet monkey, Scatter, and best friend, Bobby Ray. Meanwhile, his wife, Priscilla Presley, looks after their daughter, and Elvis’ home life is managed by his housekeeper Miss Bertie. During one of his adventures, Elvis is attacked by a mysterious masked man who tries to kill him. The incident leads to Elvis’ introduction to Cece Ryder, a spy who works for a mysterious top-secret agency. Elvis’ desire to contribute to his nation’s security leads him to bust a drug racket with Cece’s help.

Eventually, Cece introduces Elvis to her boss, The Commander, who has been trying to recruit him for his spy agency TCB. After some hesitance, Elvis joins TCB as its latest asset, codenamed “Agent King.” However, he soon realizes that The Commander is a shady figure and harbors several dark secrets. Elvis also meets Howard Hughes, who is responsible for developing several high-tech gadgets for TCB. Elvis and Cece are sent on a mission to Vietnam under the guise of the King performing a show for the soldiers serving in Vietnam War. During the mission, Elvis and Cece discover a supersonic weapon that can turn people into rabid killers using its frequency.

After a series of missions where Elvis and Cece regularly come up against the supersonic weapon, The Commander reveals that TBC created the supersonic device as a part of its experimentation program. However, the project was shut down, but someone stole and weaponized the technology. During a mission to rescue TCB assets Thomas Leary, Elvis experiences flashbacks to his days in the army. Leary reveals that he was with Elvis during the latter’s time in Germany as a soldier and experimented on the King. Elvis was the test subject of “Project Tupelo.” However, for more answers, Elvis must enter the highly secure Sub-Level 7 after The Commander refuses to tell Elvis the truth about Project Tupelo.

Elvis discovers that The Commander orchestrated Project Tupelo in a bid to recruit the singer for TCB. The Commander admits to meddling with Elvis’ life and using him as a test subject for the supersonic device. Although he wanted to explore the impact of Elvis’ music on people, the device fell into the wrong hands and is now being used as a weapon of mass destruction. Elvis becomes dismayed by The Commander’s lies and leaves the organization. However, when a sinister villain threatens to destroy Elvis’ reputation and claim millions of innocent lives, Agent King returns to action and must save the day with the help of his ragtag crew.

Agent Elvis Season 1 Ending: Who Is the Mole? Does Elvis Destroy the Satellite?

In the finale, Elvis prepares for his Hawaii concert while spending quality time with his wife. However, his life is disrupted after The Commander implores Elvis to help him stop a devious plot to claim millions of lives at the concert. The Commander explains that the satellite being used to broadcast Elvis’ concert is armed with a supersonic weapon made from his DNA. In simple terms, Elvis’ concert will turn millions of people into mindless killers and unleash bloodshed on America. Therefore, Elvis reluctantly agrees to help.

The Commander warns there is a mole within TCB that stole the supersonic tech in the first place. Elvis teams up with Cece to destroy the signal broadcaster located in a volcano while Scatter is sent to outer space to disarm the satellite. However, Elvis is stopped by Robert Goulet, who reveals himself as the mole. Goulet is working with Gabriel Wolf to destroy Elvis’ reputation out of jealousy. Ultimately, Elvis and Goulet fight, and the former emerges victorious.

Elvis and Scatter successfully complete their parts of the mission to destroy the satellite. However, the Commander reveals there is no provision to bring back Scatter from outer space. As a result, Elvis heads out to space with Cece and Bobby Ray in his private jet-turned-spacecraft to save Scatter. However, the spacecraft lacks the shield to protect it from combustion during re-entry. Hence, Elvis volunteers to act as a human shield and ensure his friends safely return to earth.

Do Elvis and Priscilla Get Back Together? Who Is Cece’s Father?

The season finale sees Elvis and his wife, Priscilla, finally finding some alone time in Hawaii. However, when Elvis leaves Priscilla to meet his fans, she realizes she will always take the backseat in his life. As a result, a dismayed Priscilla leaves and returns home. While Elvis wishes to make things right with Priscilla, he cannot because of the new mission he is tasked with. Moreover, the final moments suggest that Elvis won’t return to earth. As a result, the first season ends without resolving the conflict between Elvis and Priscilla. However, given that the couple remained together in real-life, viewers can expect them to sort things out if Elvis survives.

One of the long-running mysteries of the first season is the identity of Cece Ryder’s father. Since her childhood, Cece has been unaware of her father’s identity, and her mother, a fellow TCB agent, does not have definitive answers. Cece suspects The Commander is her father, but that theory is scratched in the finale. In the episode, Cece’s mother is in Hawaii with Robert Goulet. After seeing Goulet twirl his mustache, Cece suspects him of being her father, given her struggles with facial hair. However, the episode ends without confirming Cece’s theory. However, Cece being Goulet’s daughter would impact her character development and relationship with Elvis, making us certain that Goulet is Cece’s father.

Does Elvis Die?

The final scenes show Elvis acting as a human shield, protecting the spacecraft from burning down as it enters the earth’s atmosphere. While Elvis seemingly makes the ultimate sacrifice, there is no confirmation of his death. Meanwhile, the Commander witnesses the event and orders Howard Hughes to continue his research to clone Elvis. The ending suggests that the real Elvis will die saving his friend. However, The Commander will replace him with a clone and potentially use more clones to keep the singer alive in the public eye.

In reality, Elvis did not die until 1977, and the finale is set in 1973. Hence, there is some chance of Elvis surviving. However, several Elvis sightings have been reported despite the singer’s passing. As a result, the series could explain the mysterious sightings by introducing Elvis clones in a potential second season. On the other hand, the experimentation on Elvis during his army days could make him immune to combustion. As a result, Elvis could survive and return home safely. Meanwhile, TCB’s vast resources and technology could be used to revive Elvis even if he dies while saving his friends.

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