6 Best Conspiracy Theories in Agent Elvis, Ranked

Netflix’s ‘Agent Elivs’ follows the titular singer as he embarks on a new quest, living a double life as a secret agent for TCB, a shadowy spy agency. It is created by Priscilla Presley and John Eddie and features the voice of Matthew McConaughey as Elvis Presley. In the adult animated comedy series, Elvis and his entourage take on several missions to protect their nation. As a result, the narrative stream deviates from the river of history, paving the way for several conspiracy theories that paint Elvis and his contributions to the history of America in a new light. If you missed the nuances behind some of these important historical events and how Elvis affects them, here are the best conspiracy theories in ‘Agent Elvis’ season 1! SPOILERS AHEAD!

6. The Commander’s Scandal

The fifth episode of the series, titled ‘Maximum Density,’ sees Elvis, Cece, Bobby Ray, and Scatter heading to Washington on a secret mission. The Commander tasks them with retrieving a confidential report that could expose the TCB’s existence to an unsuspecting President Nixon. As a result, Elvis and his crew must infiltrate the White House and reclaim the report before President Nixon can read it. However, the episode’s twist ending reveals that the report contains evidence of First Lady Pat Nixon’s affair with the Commander. The incident seems to hint that the Commander might be responsible for the Watergate Scandal that forced Nixon to resign as a part of his scheme to hide his affair. Thus, the episode creates an interesting conspiracy theory without being shy of commenting on the American politics of the 70s.

5. Other TCB Agents

In the fourth episode, titled ‘Total Mind F*uck,’ Elvis officially signs on as a secret agent for TCB. During his induction, we see video footage of the Commander explaining the agency’s origin story to the King. In the video, we learn about the other famous personalities who work as spies for TCB, which stands for Taking Care of Business. Among those agents are actress Marilyn Monroe, literary genius Mark Twain, and baseball player Jackie Robinson. Later, when Elvis enters the Sub-Level 7, he discovers fellow singers Buddy Holly, Hank Williams, and Jim Morrison were also TCB agents. The revelation not only creates a conspiracy theory about the deaths of the aforementioned agents but also hints at the rampant intervention of the TCB agents in altering the course of history.

4. Moon Landing Was Fake

The third episode, titled ‘Cocaine Tuesdays,’ sees the Commander setting up an elaborate plan to recruit Elvis as his new agent. Meanwhile, Elvis struggles with a sense of purpose after watching the crew of Apollo 11 approach the surface of the moon, a feat new to humankind. However, the episode’s climax reveals the moon landing was fake and orchestrated by the Commander to recruit Elvis. Moreover, the fake moon landing was directed by Stanley Kubrick, which itself is a popular conspiracy theory in real life. Additionally, the Commander swaps out Neil Armstrong for Elvis, making the King of Rock n Roll the first man to step on the moon.

3. The Nixon Meeting

The fifth episode sees Elvis meeting President Nixon, creating a distraction so Cece and Scatter can retrieve the confidential documents that could expose TCB. Initially a Nixon supporter, Elvis soon sees through the politician and comes the detest him. However, during their meeting, Elvis gifts President Nixon a Colt pistol as a token of his appreciation. In exchange, Nixon gives Elvis a Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs badge making him an honorary agent. The obvious political jokes of the episode aside, the meeting between President Nixon and Elvis is inspired by a real incident. However, the meeting being a mere front for a secret spy mission creates a string conspiracy theory and directly impacts Elvis’ life.

2. The Rock n Roll Experiments

Throughout the first season, Elvis experiences flashbacks with vague hints of his time in the army. Later, Elvis discovers that his flashbacks result from “Project Tupelo.” As it turns out, Elvis was experimented upon during his time in Germany when he was in the army. Moreover, the Commander attempted to use the power of “Rock n Roll” derived from Elvis to impact humanity. However, the experiment, in turn, leads to a dangerous weapon capable of claiming millions of lives. Thus, the series finds an interesting way to utilize Elvis’ music as a literal superpower and blend it into a narrative that shapes the singer’s entire life. Moreover, it also sheds new light on Elivs’ service in the army, adding new meaning to the real events before the show’s story starts.

1. Elvis Was A Clone?

In the season finale, titled ‘Godspeed, Drunk Money,’ Elvis’ journey comes full circle after he must leap back into action to stop the weapon created using his DNA. After the Commander implores Elvis to save millions from dying during his concert, which will be televised via satellite. While Elvis averts the crisis using his private plane turned spaceship, he sacrifices himself to ensure his friends survive. However, the episode ends with the Commander calling Howard Hughes to continue the cloning research about Elvis. Thus, the ending suggests that the real Elvis died on a mission while the Elvis we have come to know and love was a clone. The conspiracy theory also tries to explain all the Elvis sightings in real life despite the singer’s passing in 1977.

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