Alexandra Davidsson: The Love is Blind Sweden Star is Now a Businesswoman

Image Credit: Robert Eldrim/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Sweden,’ AKA ‘Love is Blind: Sverige,’ is part of the beloved ‘Love is Blind‘ franchise and has already formed a place for itself in the hearts of viewers across the globe. Among the many individuals who came on to the Swedish reality show to hopefully find their love match, season 1’s Alexandra Davidsson certainly stood out due to the various ups and downs she had to face. As such, the world has become quite curious about just what she has been up to these days.

Alexandra Davidsson’s Love is Blind: Sweden Journey

Season 1 of the Netflix series saw Alexandra Davidsson enter as one of the many hopefuls who wanted to find their future spouse through the unique yet intriguing social experiment. She entered the show at the age of 33 and was eager to dive right in and experience the process for herself. While she got a chance to go on dates with many of the male cast members, it was truly with Sergio Rincón that she seemed to form a connection that she felt might lead somewhere.

However, at the time, Sergio was also seeing Kimia Cousarie and Amanda seriously. Torn between the three women, Sergio continued going on dates with all three of them. He had even come to appreciate Alexandra, who, in turn, claimed that she found his voice and way of speaking to be highly charismatic and captivating. This was certainly a compliment that Sergio could not help but be flattered by. Sergio himself was full of admiration for Alexandra, always leaving his dates with her with a happy feeling in his heart.

At one point, Sergio claimed that he found the wall between himself and Alexandra to be something he wished could be brought down. However, not much later, he ended up realizing that perhaps it was Amanda for whom he felt the strongest, even claiming to her that he was only seeing her. Immediately after the conversation, he decided to end things with Alexandra and Kimia on the following dates. However, both women were blindsided by the development, with Alexandra even talking about it to her fellow female cast members, which led Amanda to realize exactly what was going on.

Where is Alexandra Davidsson Now?

Thanks to her time on the Netflix show, Alexandra Davidsson has amassed quite a fan following. The reality TV star is actually part of many businesses and is quite proud of all that she has accomplished over the years. As of writing, she is one of the proud Co-Founders of ClimateHero as well as Circular Monday. The latter is a venture started under the banner of the former, and Alexandra is quite proud of all that the two have been able to do to reduce the world’s carbon emissions. She is also the Head of Communication and Partnerships for ClimateHero.

Additionally, Alexandra serves as a Board Member for Adacto People, a consulting agency based in Sweden. She is also a Mentor for Unreasonable, a company that helps other organizations with their financial ventures. When not working hard, Alexandra enjoys spending time with her friends and family, especially when it comes to going out and indulging in fine dining. The reality TV star also takes in the company of her adorable dog, who often appears on her social media.

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