All Upcoming Ewan McGregor Movies and TV Shows

Ewan McGregor, who first greeted the world in the scenic town of Perth, Scotland, on March 31, 1971, began treading the acting path quite early, swiftly rising to international acclaim. The cinematic world took notice when he stepped into the shoes of Mark Renton, the troubled protagonist in the unforgettable ‘Trainspotting’ (1996). He then received acclaim for his masterful rendition of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the ‘Star Wars‘ prequels. Beyond the silver screen, McGregor’s contributions to charity earned him the prestigious Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2013, underscoring his commitment to giving back.

His talents aren’t just restricted to films. When McGregor delved into TV, he mesmerized viewers as the romantic lead in ‘Moulin Rouge!’ (2001), and with his dual act as Emmit and Ray Stussy in ‘Fargo‘ season 3 (2017). He won a Golden Globe for his stellar performance in ‘Fargo’. Given his wide array of memorable roles, it’s clear why movie buffs and TV enthusiasts await his next venture with bated breath. For those spellbound by McGregor’s artistry, the horizon looks promising with a lineup of his forthcoming films and series.

1. You Sing Loud, I Sing Louder (TBA)

‘You Sing Loud, I Sing Louder’ is an upcoming drama film directed by Emma Westenberg. The film paints an evocative picture of a father-daughter relationship entangled in the thorns of addiction and healing. This emotional drama showcases the authentic chemistry of the real-life father-daughter duo Ewan McGregor and Clara McGregor. Taking its roots from a narrative developed by Ruby Caster, Clara McGregor, and Vera Bulder, the movie remains essentially a fictional depiction while drawing parallels with the McGregor duo’s actual relationship.

As the tale unfolds, Ewan’s character confronts the past and the present as he embarks on a secret journey to take his daughter to rehab after her overdose. This cinematic journey is graced by notable performances from Vera Bulder, Jake Weary, and Kim Zimmer. After its poignant premiere at the SXSW Film Festival in March 2023, audiences have been abuzz about the genuine essence the McGregors bring to the table. With Clara not only acting but also producing, it’s a heartfelt collaboration that promises to leave audiences introspecting long after the credits roll. The film is expected to hit the screens soon.

2. Mother Couch (TBA)

‘Mother Couch’ is an upcoming drama comedy film directed by the talented Niclas Larsson. Based on Jerker Virdborg’s charming novel ‘Mamma i Soffa’, this film weaves a story filled with love, challenges, and a touch of the absurd. Set against the backdrop of a quirky dilemma, the plot revolves around three children, David, Gruffudd, and Bella, as they grapple with their mother’s whimsical determination to remain seated on a couch in a bustling furniture store. This bizarre act turns their lives upside down, pushing the siblings closer together while confronting them with societal expectations, personal aspirations, and the nuances of familial love.

With his signature gravitas, Ewan McGregor takes on the role of David. Alongside McGregor, we see Rhys Ifans portraying Gruffudd, Taylor Russell as the vivacious Bella, and Ellen Burstyn in the titular role as the resolute mother. Lara Flynn Boyle plays Linda, while F. Murray Abraham and Lake Bell are set to offer other significant performances, though details of their roles are currently shrouded in anticipation. The film made its mark at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2023. As of now, an official theatrical release date has not been revealed.

3. Everest (TBA)

‘Everest’ is an upcoming adventure drama film helmed by the talented Doug Liman, delving into the arduous expeditions of the 1920s. The plot orbits around the very first attempts to ascend Mount Everest, with a magnified focus on the gripping rivalry between two pioneering mountaineers: the relentless Englishman George Mallory and his equally audacious counterpart, the Australian George Finch.


Ewan McGregor convincingly portrays George Mallory, while George Finch is brought to life by Sam Heughan. Set against a tumultuous background marked by the earliest fatalities on Everest, the movie is poised to capture the exhilarating ecstasy and terrifying ordeals of mountain climbing. Joining McGregor in the stellar cast are Mark Strong, who plays Arthur Hinks, and Juno Temple. The movie is currently filming, and a release date is yet to be revealed.

4. Lodi (TBA)

‘Lodi’ is an upcoming crime drama TV series by Timothy Greenberg set to be hosted on Amazon Prime Video. The plot delves deep into the year 1977, encapsulating the life-altering transition of Lou, a regular car salesman in a quaint town, as he unexpectedly finds himself amidst the mafia’s treacherous webs. Propelled into this tumultuous world when a mafia linchpin evinces interest in buying his Cadillac dealership, Lou’s pursuit for recognition takes a perilous turn. Ewan McGregor brilliantly assumes the role of Lou, embodying the complexities of a man transitioning from a simple salesman to an indispensable FBI informant.

As he goes undercover, weaving through the dark alleys of organized crime, Lou’s entanglements intensify, leading to the unprecedented conviction of a formidable crime lord. The series is inspired by a true story, as detailed in an article by Andrew Dubbins on Alta. Ewan McGregor also wears the hat of an executive producer alongside Allie Goss and Jon Liebman of Brillstein Creative Partners. The series is currently in its pre-production phase under the banner of eOne and Amazon Studios.

5. The Cow (TBA)

‘The Cow’ is an anticipated World War II comedy-drama helmed by the proficient Marc Forster. The narrative navigates the audacious escape of Charlie Granger, a prisoner of World War II. The story beautifully illustrates the protagonist’s cunning strategy to utilize a cow for his evasion. As he maneuvers across Germany, evading the prying eyes of German soldiers, the relationship he fosters with the cow blossoms into the film’s emotional core.

As Charlie traverses an astounding 200 miles alongside his bovine ally, Marguerite, they face challenges ranging from geographical hurdles to an infatuated bull. Their entwined journey showcases the blend of adversity, comedic relief, and the growing bond between man and beast. The film draws inspiration from the classic French comedy ‘La Vache et le Prisonnier,’ which was adapted from a novel by Jacques Antoine.

Reprising the role of the captive, Ewan McGregor delineates the complexities of a man yearning for freedom in wartime chaos. The film sees the reunion of McGregor and director Marc Forster, recalling their collaborative finesse from ‘Christopher Robin.’ Scripted by Bill Prady of ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ fame, this retelling infuses humor with poignant moments. With its compelling mix of humor, action, and raw emotion, this film is undeniably on the watchlist for many cinephiles.

6. The Land of Sometimes (TBA)

‘The Land of Sometimes’ is an upcoming animated film directed by Leon Joosen, derived from the beloved audiobook. This enchanting tale unravels the adventures of two twins who are magically transported to a peculiar island where eccentric characters reside, and every dream becomes a reality. Ewan McGregor lends his voice to The Wish Collector, a central figure on the island that influences the twins’ adventures.

Joining McGregor is a notable ensemble cast, including Helena Bonham Carter as Little Twink, David Walliams as The Guardian of the Electric Volcano, the late Terry Jones as The Wish Watch, Brendan Murphy, Ruby Turner, Russ Bray, Gregory Gudgeon, and Austin Howard, each portraying unique characters adding depth and charm to the story. Notably, the film marks one of the last projects for Terry Jones, who passed away in 2020. Written by Martin Casella, Francesca Longrigg, and Tony Nottage, this UK-origin film promises to be a visual and emotional delight.

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