Alone Season 3: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Image Credit: Karolina Wojtasik/History

Premiered in 2015, History’s ‘Alone‘ has a place of its own in the hearts of survival fans, given its intriguing premise and executing circumstances. The reality show is known for featuring some highly experienced survivalists who have to navigate the wilderness alone while putting all their skills to use. Consider the cast members of season 3, which aired in the years 2016 and 17 and was set in Patagonia, Argentina. The unfamiliar terrain and lack of human communication were certainly not easy for them to tackle, but they gave it their all, helping them earn fans across the world. Naturally, you must be curious about what they are up to these days, and we are here to explore the same!

Zachary Fowler is Actively Creating Content on YouTube Today

After winning the third season of ‘Alone,’ Zachary Fowler has only continued to grow more and more popular. As of writing, he creates a variety of content under the banner of Fowler’s Makery and Mischief. In fact, he has more than 1.43 million subscribers on YouTube, along with over 29K followers on Instagram. The talented Boatbuilder is also enthusiastic about slingshots, fishing, and cooking.

One of the most recurring people seen in Zachary’s content is his girlfriend, Sarah, whom he seems to care for very much. Following a 30-Day Survival Challenge with Greg Ovens in 2019, Zachary found himself in legal trouble for fishing in the waterways of Banff National Park. As of April 2023, he had been accused of seven charges and had an arrest warrant out for him for multiple fishing offenses.

Carleigh Fairchild Continuously Coaching Survival Skills

Runner-up Carleigh Fairchild seems to be doing quite well in life. Passionate about homesteading, she is now a Survival Coach with a skill set that one cannot help but be impressed by. Not only does she work as a Nanny, but she is also proficient in the art of Niasziih Healing. Additionally, she serves as a Public Speaker and Earth Skills Instructor, along with being an ambassador for LT Wright Handcrafted Knives. The reality TV star also offers various workshops to those interested in honing their survival skills.

Megan Hanacek is Persistently Protecting Natural Flora and Fauna

As of writing, Megan Hanacek is based in Port McNeill, British Columbia, and continues working to improve the world’s natural flora and fauna. Besides being the CEO of the Private Forest Landowners Association, she also serves as the Principal Professional Forester and Biologist for Pacific West Resource Management, having joined the organization in January 1999. The survivalist enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband and two children, with her youngest being named Angus.

Dave Nessia is Engaging in Design Consulting

Up next, we have Dave Nessia, who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. The reality TV star has been working as a Design Consultant for Renewal by Andersen, having served as a Lead Guide for Aspiro – High Adventure Program prior to his current job. Though he is not much active on social media, it is evident that Dave has retained his love for adventuring and nature, not missing a chance to hone his skills and seek out everything that the world around him has to offer.

Callie North is Running Northsea Apothecary Successfully

Having left the show after 72 days, Callie North tapped out after she felt that her adventure was complete. Her ingenuity and determination were something that helped her gain much praise from the public. We are sure that her fans will be glad to know that the spider bites that she endured during her journey started to heal not long after her exit, though it was some time before she could claim to be fully recovered. Along with her friend, Milla Prince, Callie established Northsea Apothecary, which seems to be doing well as of writing. The reality TV star is happily in a relationship with Randy Champagne (from seasons 2 and 5 of ‘Alone’), and the two welcomed their daughter, River, into this world in August 2021.

Greg Ovens is Facing Legal Challenges over Fishing

Let’s now talk about Greg Ovens, a Canal Flats, British Columbia resident. The reality TV star was part of 30 Day Survival Challenge alongside Zachary Fowler in 2019, leading them to film videos in Banff National Park. However, the videos soon landed Greg in legal trouble as he had been seen pulling out a cutthroat trout weighing about three pounds out of the water. Given the park’s policy against the same, he was charged six times under Canada’s National Parks Act in February 2022.

Greg was accused of illegally fishing a threatened species, hunting in a park, discharging a firearm in a park, and using a drone illegally. Over the course of the legal process, five of the charges were dropped, and Greg ended up admitting guilty to illegal fishing in April 2023. For his actions, the survivalist was fined 6,000 Canadian dollars.

Dan Wowak is Instructing Outdoor Skills and Beekeeping

Dan Wowak, who hails from Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania, now serves as an Outdoor Skills Instructor. Since July 2015, he has served as the Owner of Coalcracker Bushcraft and has a YouTube channel of the same name with over 467K subscribers. His company provides a variety of services to survival enthusiasts, including training and various essential tools. When not exploring the world around him, Dan seems to like hitting and gym and building up his muscles. Recently, he has gotten back into the world of beekeeping and is hopeful about where the path will take him. He is often in the company of his wife and son, who also seem to adore the idea of exploration and adventure.

Britt Ahart is Exploring New Professional Opportunities Now

Outdoor Survival Expert Britt Ahart presently works as a School Bus Driver for Crestwood Transportation. Based in Mantua, Ohio, the reality TV star seems to be exploring possible professional opportunities. He is quite happily married to his wife, Laura Ahart, and has a son named Campbell Ahart, who turned 13 years old in March 2023 and is the apple of his father’s eye.

Zachary Gault is Educating in Primitive Living Skills

We are excited to talk about Zachary Gault, who serves as the Owner and Head Instructor of Primitive Living. The reality TV star is based in Caledon, Ontario, and specializes in skills like bushcraft, camp craft, woodcraft, primitive skills, survival, etc. His company also offers customers tailored classes that are designed to suit the need of each and every student. Whilst working as an educator, Zachary delights in exploring the wilderness and uncovering the treasures that nature has to offer.

Jim Shields is Teaching Technology and Podcasting

Last but far from least, we have Jim Shields, who presently works as a Technology Teacher for Hatboro-Horsham School District. Based in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, the reality TV star is a proud survivalist with his own YouTube channel, Climbing Bushcrafter, with over 3K subscribers. Additionally, he has a podcast called The Leader Next Door, through which he discusses a variety of topics. More than anything, Jim seems to enjoy the company of his wife, Jenn, and three children.

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