Will There be an Alone Season 8?

Alone Season 7 Episode 6

‘Alone’ is History’s reality show, which is designed to test the survival instincts of humans — by pushing them to their limits. This grueling competition takes place in the remotest corners, tucked deep in the wilderness. For instance, across the seasons, we have seen survivalists being stranded in Vancouver Island, Nahuel Huapi National Park, northern Mongolia, and the Great Slave Lake. In short, ‘Alone’ is a survival series like no other! Hence, it’s no wonder that the show has spawned seven outstanding seasons to date. So, is there any word on an eighth season yet? Let’s find out!

Alone Season 8 Release Date:

‘Alone’ season 7 released on June 11, 2020, on History. It ended with its 11th episode on August 20, 2020. Although the channel has not officially renewed the show, its casting call page (complete with how-to-apply instructions) is still open. This is testimony to the fact that the series is not going off-air anytime soon. A new season is definitely in the works. And since the fourth season, the show has been returning faithfully to join History’s annual summer programming block. If the network follows the same schedule next year as well, we can expect ‘Alone’ season 8 to premiere sometime in June 2021.

Alone Season 8 Contestants

Each season of ‘Alone’ follows a bunch of survivalists who attempt to survive in extremely harsh conditions, after being dropped off in the wilderness. Almost all of the contestants are either from Canada and the US. In season 7, we met a batch of 10 participants — Mark D’Ambrosio, Correy Hawk, Shawn Helton, Kielyn Marrone, Joe Nicholas, Amós Rodriguez, Callie Russell, Roland Welker, Joel Van Der Loon, and Keith Syers. After battling it out in the Arctic, the finale saw the last three players — Kielyn, Callie, and Ronald, struggling to make it to the top. Season 8 will see a fresh crew of survivalists, competing against each other to win the competition and pocket the grand cash prize.

What Can Alone Season 8 be About?

Survival of the fittest, this is the essence of ‘Alone’ — where contestants need to survive a certain number of days in the most inhospitable terrains. They have to do this with limited resources and scarce food sources. Each survivalist is completely on their own and they require to forage for food and build shelters from whatever they have in hand. The one who survives the longest bags the final cash prize. And if anyone wishes to leave the contest, they can tap out. In season 7, we followed 10 players as they were given a 100-day challenge for 1 million dollars. The setting was in the area near the Great Slave Lake. Season 8 will follow the same structure but maybe, with a different location and some new twists in the format.

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