American Rust Broken Justice: Where is the Crime Show Filmed?

Under the direction of Dan Futterman, ‘American Rust: Broken Justice’ continues the tale of Chief of Police Del Harris as he grapples with the sins of his past while attempting to track down a dangerous organization dishing out its own brand of fatal justice. The group, known as the Brotherhood, has an association with Del and helped him with the case of Grace’s son. Thus, with further conflicts of interest, the show’s narrative continues its trend of deeply flawed protagonists teetering on the line of moral ambiguity.

Amazon Prime Video’s ‘American Rust: Broken Justice’ is the second season of the ‘American Rust’ series, which is based on the eponymous novel by Philipp Meyer. One of the most noticeable shifts in this season is its setting, which takes us from the slow burn of Buell to the rush of Pittsburgh. As the veteran tracks the Brotherhood through the dark alleyways and urban bustle of Pittsburgh, enthusiasts of the show may become inclined to investigate whether shooting for the series actually takes place in Steel City.

American Rust Broken Justice Filming Locations

Faithful to its setting, ‘American Rust Broken Justice’ is largely shot in Pittsburgh and its surrounding territories in southwestern Pennsylvania. Principal photography for the season began in late November 2022 and was completed by April 15, 2023. The production team was particularly impressed by the commitment and delivery of the local crew and actors when the cameras rolled.

“We used a lot of local Pittsburgh people, certainly on the crew, which was top-notch. I told them at the end of season two [they were] as good as any crew I’ve been with,” said lead actor Jeff Daniels in a conversation with Daily Item. “But also the actors: We brought in a lot of local hires. That can be a little dicey sometimes, but every single one of these folks came in ready with a plan, they were good on take one.” Let us take a detailed look at the shooting sites utilized in capturing the episodes of ‘American Rust: Broken Justice.’

Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area, Pennsylvania

‘American Rust Broken Justice’ is primarily filmed in and around Pittsburgh, with some shooting sites from season one making a return and a lot of filming being carried out on location across the city. With antiquated historical sites and architecture juxtaposed with a sleek modern cityscape, Pittsburgh becomes an attractive filming destination, boasting a diverse array of cinematic locales and sprinkling generous tax incentives on top. For the second season of ‘American Rust,’ the show’s team once again ventured to the strip district in Downtown Pittsburgh and set up production in 31st Street Studios.

One of the largest studio spaces on the East Coast, 31st Street Studios is located at 77 31st Street and was constructed in a sheet metal factory. The facility’s attraction for filmmakers comes from its immense 300,000 square feet of studio space, a central location that provides access to the picturesque downtown area, and 10 acres of riverfront property. The vast studio retains its essence as an industrial property and is used for all sorts of activities by leasing out its space for storage, events, and concerts. Some films and shows that have been housed within its walls include ‘The Pale Blue Eye,’ ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,’ and the first season of Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter.’

The Fayette County Courthouse seen in the series is actually the Duquesne City Hall on 1501 South Duquesne Road. The verdant environments seen in the episodes of ‘Broken Justice’ were captured in Aspinwall Riverfront Park and Highland Park. The Pittsburgh Theological Seminary stands in for the fictional Roarke College in the series. Situated at 616 North Highland Avenue, the institution focuses on fields of theological inquiry, and its stately structure can be seen throughout the second season.

Locals will also recognize the Bryant Street Market in Highland Park, Highwoods Cemetery in Woods Run, and the Elizabeth Pharmacy in Hazelwood as the backdrop for some sequences of the show. Pittsburgh has garnered attention as a prime filming location for major motion pictures and television series. Its distinctive architecture and pensive atmosphere have served as the backdrop for a number of crime dramas like ‘American Rust: Broken Justice.’ These include ‘Banshee,’ ‘Justified,’ ‘Mayor of Kingstown,’ and ‘Out of the Furnace.’

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