An Animated ‘Dead Space’ Film Reportedly in Development at Warner Bros

An animated film based on Electronic Arts’ video game ‘Dead Space’ is reportedly in development at Warner Bros. Pictures. The video game, originally released in 2008, revolves around an engineer named Isaac Clarke, who ends up on a mining spaceship overrun by Necromorphs, creatures made from mutated human corpses. Clarke fights the deadly monsters while dealing with his own growing psychosis. EA released an eponymous remake of the game in January 2023.

WB is yet to officially announce the project and reveal the crew behind the same. We can expect the announcement of the screenwriter once the ongoing WGA strike concludes. Previously, EA collaborated with Film Roman (‘The Simpsons‘) to produce two adult animated films based on the video, which are Chuck Patton’s ‘Dead Space: Downfall’ and Mike Disa’s ‘Dead Space: Aftermath.’ WB’s film is expected to be independent of these projects.

Furthermore, WB is also developing a live-action movie based on the video game. As per reports, James Wan is set to direct the film. Wan is currently engaged in the post-production of ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,’ a sequel to his 2018 film ‘Aquaman.’ His recent credits as a director include ‘Malignant,’ ‘MacGyver,’ ‘The Conjuring 2,’ ‘Fast & Furious 7,’ etc. He also produced ‘Insidious: The Red Door,’ ‘M3gan,’ ‘There’s Someone Inside Your House,’ and ‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’ and executive produced Netflix’s horror series ‘Archive 81’ and ‘Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles.’

Gregory Weidman, who co-wrote CBS’ comedy-drama series ‘Limitless,’ reportedly penned the movie.  He also wrote Netflix’s mystery filmIn the Shadow of the Moon.’ His other credits include ‘Zoo,’ ‘Defiance,’ ‘King and Maxwell,’ and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles.’ As per unconfirmed reports, ‘Aquaman’ fame Jason Momoa is in talks to join Wan’s film.

Before Wan was reportedly finalized to direct the film, there were rumors that legendary horror director John Carpenter (‘Halloween’ and ‘The Thing’) would direct the adaptation of the video game. The director then clarified that he wasn’t approached for the same. “I’m a big video game fan, so I played all the games. I was down looking at the new digital cameras, the RED, and happened to mention to them that I would love to do a ‘Dead Space’ film. That just went around, and everybody said, ‘Oh, when are you gonna do it?’ I’m not gonna do it. I think they already have another director involved. And they haven’t asked me to do it. So, until someone asks me, I wouldn’t do it,’ he told Variety.

Since the chances of Carpenter directing the animated film are too low, we can expect another name to get attached to the project as the director.

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